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TV Review: Comic Book Men S4E6 Bat Prints

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, Walt considers buying hand and footprints of Adam West and Burt Ward from the “Batman” TV series. Then, a customer sells a rare set of “Star Wars” comic strips.

In the sixth episode of Comic Book Men, things get back to basics, as there’s no campy adventures, or trips places, this is just simple people coming in to sell items and a bit of history of things. And when Comic Book Men gets simple, it also gets much stronger.

This episode has an interesting mix of items including the comics, some Batman memorabilia, and a G.I. Joe toy. Mixed throughout is the usual jokes and ribbing that makes these guys seem like fun folks to hang out with. Each item has a nice explanation as to what it is, and why it’s significant. Yes, the show then comes off as a Pawn Stars for geeks, but it’s the jokes and humor that makes it stand apart. There’s also the fact I actually like this stuff.

Overall, the episode is a back to basics one after some recent episodes that had a theme throughout, and that’s not a bad thing.

Overall rating: 7

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TV Review: Comic Book Men S4E5 BronyCon

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, Walt and the guys visit BronyCon, a fan convention for “My Little Pony.” Also, a customer wants to sell a board game from the 1970s featuring Godzilla.

The episode is an entertaining one that I’m going back and forth about. A Brony for folks that don’t know, is an adult who is a fan of My Little Pony, a toy and animated show that’s geared more towards little girls, but has found an impressive fandom outside of that demographic.

After a person comes in to sell an item having to do with My Little Pony, the guys decide to head to BronyCon in Baltimore to check out the scene more and figure out if there’s a bigger market out there for them to cater to. They also decide to participate in the costume contest, and it’s interesting to see who takes that seriously, and who kind of mocks the Brony culture. What I also find interesting is the knowledge that some of them show, something they’re clearly not comfortable with showing off at times, especially I think because Walt shows disdain. It shows an interesting dynamic of the guys.

Overall, the episode is mixed for various reasons. I had issues with it because it seems to mock Bronies a bit. I liked it because it showed off the odd dynamic of Walt and the guys.

Overall rating: 6.9

TV Review: The Walking Dead S5E5 Self Help

walking-dead-5 photoAbraham and the group run into problems on their way to Washington, D.C.

For fans of The Walking Dead comic book, there’s some things we’ve been waiting for concerning the character Eugene. In this episode, the show drops, and the truth comes out as far as what Eugene knows. The moment is shocking for those who didn’t see it coming, and still a bit for those of us who did, but the show continues to shows off its strength. That strength is showing off the humanity in all of the chaos.

In this instance that humanity is focused on Abraham, who we get to see his past, and somewhat how he got to where he is. Through flashbacks we see Abraham’s past, especially his family, and what he had to deal with towards the beginning of the apocalypse.

Brilliantly though, the Abraham’s story is tied together with Eugene’s story, and we see what’s driving Abraham. It’s an amazing symbiotic relationship where Eugene’s misdirection is the driving force for Abraham. Whether or not he suspected the lie, Abraham needs Eugene, as that’s his motivation to keep going, as we see. It’s an amazing moment played out with subtle acting and writing, something the show isn’t given enough credit for.

The episode is an emotional one in many ways, and it’ll be interesting to see where this mission goes from here, and how Abraham’s group keeps going.

Overall rating: 8.5

TV Review: The Walking Dead S5E4 Slabtown

walking-dead-5 photoBeth finds herself in a hospital in the middle of Atlanta after being kidnapped by a car with a white cross.

What happened to Beth? Fans of The Walking Dead have been wondering for quite some time now what exactly happened to Beth and who was driving the mysterious car that kidnapped her?

This is the episode where we start to piece the puzzle together, brilliantly in a way. We only know as much as Beth, maybe just a little more since we saw the kidnapping take place. But, as she learns more and more about the world she’s a prisoner in, so do we.

That’s the amazing thing to me about this episode. I felt myself on the edge of my seat the entire time either muttering “oh my god,” or screaming at the television. This was an episode that was beyond tense and brilliantly had an homage to the beginning. The episode took us back to the beginning in many ways. We have a similar amount of information as we did in that first episode, five seasons in and it feels like the beginning. Just amazing.

Now, we also see Atlanta too! In a way the episode returns back to earlier in the show, and shows us what’s up with Atlanta now as well. So much time has passed, and we have an idea what else might be out there.

And that was one hell of an ending. What happened!? What’s going on!? We want to know!

Overall rating: 9

TV Review: Comic Book Men S4E4 Super Baby

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, the guys agree to help out a friend and babysit her daughter for the afternoon. An Indiana Jones superfan tries to sell rare items from the films.

This was an interesting episode, in that it’s the first episode I felt the guys were outright mean to someone coming into the store. The Indiana Jones fan is the first to come into the store, and there’s something about the joking that comes off as mean spirited. It’s a very odd segment overall, but a cool item is shown…. so there’s that.

The other segment involving someone trying to sell something is just odd, and shows off the unrealistic expectations folks have in trying to sell their items. That too is a very odd one. But, it shows that folks have a poor idea of what their stuff is actually worth.

The baby segment is very entertaining. Watching the guys deal with the baby is almost a stark contrast to their dealing with their customers, and each other. Some of the stuff is pure gold, and had me laughing. Overall, the baby crawling around the store reminded me a lot of stores that allow cats (or ferrets in the case of the store I used to work out) run around. Something just odd about it all.

Again a very interesting episode that’s a bit mixed. It’s better than last week, but not quite as awesome as some previous episodes.

Overall rating: 6.85

TV Review: The Walking Dead S5E3 Four Walls and a Roof

walking-dead-5 photoAs Bob fights for his life, Rick and the group take a stand to defend the church against Gareth and his gang of cannibals.

Right away the episode kicks off catching up with Bob and Gareth as Gareth continues to rant about eating people. Bob then drops a bomb on them about his condition, something I wondered about during last episode. But, moving from him back to Rick’s crew, it’s clear that someone is watching them. Finally Gabriel admits what he did. All of this is within the first 10 minutes of the The Walking Dead, one hell of a start.

We also get the first butting of heads between Abraham and Rick, something that’s been brewing for a bit. It’s clear there’s two alpha males, and they won’t always agree. Interesting enough though, Glenn steps in, continuing his interesting role in the group dynamic.

What plays out is some amazing strategy played out between Rick and Gareth with some highly tense moments played out in very dark quarters. To say it’s all cathartic is an understatement with Rick completing a promise he made to Gareth. Just beyond cathartic.

But here’s the question, with the violence shown and committed, is Rick’s crew any better than Gareth? Both are done out of necessity. Both are done out of survival. The difference really plays out at the end between Bob and Rick. If you want to know if there’s a difference between Gareth and Rick’s actions, it’s summed up by Bob.

It’s the last 10 minutes of the show that hits you. If you can watch the end, and not tear up a little, you have no heart. Truly the end of the episode sums up what the series is all about. The Walking Dead might have zombies, and scares, and lots of blood and death, but at its heart, the show is about people and humanity. A stellar episode, one of the best of the series.

Overall rating: 10

TV Review: Comic Book Men S4E3 Stand Up Guys

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, Walt challenges the guys to perform stand up comedy at the Stash. A collector brings in key Marvel comics from the 1960s.

The show kicks off right away with that 1960s comics above. The man who comes in says he’s a collector and a dealer, which makes me wonder why he’s coming into the Stash to sell these books, and it’s an impressive set of comics. It’s a little weird that he’s a dealer and yet goes to another shop to sell them, and they never ask why he’s trying to sell the books. Plus, Walt doesn’t even check out the books. He doesn’t see if it’s restored, or how the insides are. Walt just hands over cash. As a person who used to work at a store myself, this segment doesn’t really sit well with me at all. But, segment shows off some comic history. It’d have been better talking a bit more as to why they’re important, but also going over and grading the comics themselves. Dropping a couple hundred dollars without checking the item out is just odd.

There’s another segment about selling a toy. That one was a bit more interesting to me. It’s a toy I know nothing about. Here, some history is given about why the toy is important, and there’s a lot of joking. It’s a stronger segment than the first, and here the dealing is more realistic and there’s an explanation as to why the guy is trying to sell the toy.

The third segment sadly plays into folks who are on the show for some fame. She walks in dressed as the Baroness to sell a toy. It felt a little bit playing into the whole tv show aspect. The selling of the item does have a good reason about it, it’s to raise money for a charity. That part is nice, but it’s a bit odd overall.

The comedy segment, I do have to say I’m impressed with the two comic minimum to get in. That’s some great out-of-the-box thinking that more stores should do to sell products. It’s actually a great idea overall, and if I had a store still, you better believe I’d be holding events like that. The jokes themselves…. are mixed. The crowd seems to enjoy themselves, so that’s good. None of them will likely be making a living in comedy. Overall though, the crowd seems to have fun, and it’s a good idea to get folks into the store. I’d love to see more of this type of things going forward. Mix that with the comic history, and the regular banter, you’ve got a solid series.

Overall, this is the first episode that I had an issue with someone selling something, it bothered me as a former store clerk. With that, it was a mixed episode overall.

Overall rating: 6.75

TV Review: Comic Book Men S4E2 Walt’s Treehouse

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, a returning customer swings by the store with a toy Walt always wanted but never had. Also, an aspiring student brings in a book signed by comic greats.

If there’s a theme for the second episode of the fourth season, I guess it’d be about dreams. There’s two that’s touched upon, mixed in with the usual craziness of the show. Walt gets his hands on a toy he always wanted, and there’s the student who comes in to sell a comic so that he might have some money to go to school. Both show an interesting end of the spectrum, one of consuming, the other of letting something go.

There’s no doubt many of us can relate to Walt and his excitement as the toy he’s always wanted comes into the store. You’ll need to watch the episode to find out what that exactly is. To say I had no idea it existed is an understatement, it was a bit before my time. That magic is brought together by the same individual who appeared previously on the show with the G.I. Joe USS Flagg, which got Ming so excited. Watching Walt jump for joy is worth it, there’s something very kid like about it all, and it’s a bit infectious in the positive feeling.

The student on the other hand is a bit of a downer. Here we have someone who is giving up something very cool to help make their future possible. It’s something that Kevin Smith himself did to fund his first film Clerks. It’s a nice lesson to see, and again something many of us can relate to.

To have both of these in an episode is a nice juxtaposition that sets the show apart from just being Pawn Stars of comic geeks. As seen in this episode, there’s something a bit more than just business here, and that’s making it all relateable to us the viewer.

While the episode isn’t amazing, it’s another fine example of a “comic geek” show, that doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

Overall rating: 7

TV Review: The Walking Dead S5E2 Strangers

walking-dead-5 photoWith Terminus burning behind them, Rick and his crew again are left wandering the woods for a destination unknown. With the group together, numerous answers are left out there, including Rick and Carol burying the hatchet, new members of the group, and what next? Not long into the episode many of these questions and issues are addressed, almost taking on previous season’s habits of stretching out storylines.

While the episode wraps up some threads, it also opens new ones, with the introduction of Father Gabriel Stokes, a character we’ve seen in the comics. For long time fans of the series, you immediately wonder what of the comic storyline the television series will pull in. Most immediately is the need for food, something that also carries over from Terminus. With supplies low, how far will individuals go? In this case, Rick and a small team head out to forage and look for food.

In all of that, it’s pretty clear Father Stokes is hiding something, with signs around the church he’s held up on that there’s something going on. But what’s his secret, especially with his freak out hinting at something more.

Speaking of storylines, Beth’s abduction is again brought up and for fans of the comic, that question of how much the television show will crib from the comic is answered towards the end of the episode. Oh it’s going to be a great season. From the creepy build up to the end, another amazing episode.

Overall rating: 9

TV Review: Comic Book Men S4E1 Heir Apparent

comic book menIn the debut episode of the fourth season of Comic Book Men, Kevin Smith sends his daughter Harley to the Stash to learn how to be a clerk. Also, a customer sells his rare and unusual Rocky action figures.

Kicking off the latest season of the series set in Smith’s comic shop, The Secret Stash, we actually get some insight into what it’s like working at a shop. It’s something I spent many years doing myself, and the episode for me, brought back a lot of fun memories of my time doing so.

The episode pulls back the curtain a bit of some of what goes into working in a shop. Harley has to buy something from a person, decide if she should cut someone a deal, and finds, there’s a rush to it all. That sort of work is pretty fun. What is missing is the shit part of the job, inventory, the horrible customers, trying to figure out orders. The fun is shown, the hard work isn’t. But then again, that hard work wouldn’t make entertaining television.

Overall, the first episode shows a bit more of what it’s like to work in a shop like this through the eyes of an outsider. And by doing so, brings the fun.

Overall score: 7.5

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