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TV Review: The Walking Dead S6E7 Heads Up

walking-dead-5 photoAlexandria is finally able to begin pulling itself back together; peace is embraced between the two groups.

The Walking Dead answers a major question right away in tonight’s episode, what happened to Glenn? It should really be no surprise for folks following spoilers online, so I’ll outright say, he’s fine, and while how he does is a bit grumbling in the realism, it’s plausible. Even knowing Glenn would be sticking around, I have to say, I was still overwhelmingly happy to see him being ok. I think that says something as to the power of the show and how much we’ve come to love and connect with these characters.

The episode also moves along some other interesting plot points.

There’s Morgan letting folks live, and whether his philosophy is realistic in this new world. There’s the hoard of walkers at the walls, and there’s teaching folks to defend themselves which is just in time.

But, what I find really interesting about this episode is Rick’s actions toward Father Gabriel, and some symbolism at the end of the episode, almost as if saying religion is going to be everyone’s undoing. It’s interesting moments, and subtle and not so subtle, that can get folks debating for a while as to the significance.

There’s one episode left before the winter break, and the series is amping things up based on that final moments. While I’m bummed to see a break, I’m really amped to see what next week’s episode brings.

Overall rating: 8.4

The Walking Dead Episode 607 Heads Up Sneak Peek

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TV Review: The Walking Dead S6E6 Always Accountable

walking-dead-5 photoAfter being attacked by a new group and separated, Sasha and Abraham must search for an injured Daryl who may be in trouble.

The Walking Dead takes us through two journeys during the Wolve’s attack on Alexandria, Daryl and Abraham & Sasha. The episode is a fascinating one in that it really focuses on these three characters.

First, it kicks off with lots of action and someone shooting at them. Is it the Wolves? Is it someone other group?

Daryl’s journey has him come across three individuals who are on the run from a group… we assume it’s the Wolves, but they never quite say. Instead we see burned out remnants of the area and what’s clearly reprisal. The three survivors think Daryl is part of the group that’s pursuing them. The way Daryl interacts with them, and how he deals with them is fascinating shedding lots of light onto his character. The end with the survivors is particularly of note as it sees Daryl taking on his new role, and learning as he goes.

Then there’s Abraham and Sasha who wind up in a small town where they decide to wait for Daryl. There, small conversations just shed a lot of light on where the two are in their lives…. and their relationship is explored.

This is another episode which shows that this series isn’t about the dead shambling about, it’s about the people. And in this hour, we’ve learned so much more about those that inhabit this new world.

Overall rating: 8.75

A Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead: Always Accountable

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Negan

The search has been the source of lots of rumors (and crap reporting), but The Walking Dead has officially announced that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as Negan, the next “big bad” that Rick and his group of survivors will face. Morgan has been a prolific actor and has appeared in three previous comic properties, The Watchmen where he played the Comedian, Jonah Hex where he was an uncredited Jeb Turnbull, and The Losers where he played the leader Clay, all DC Comic properties. In 2016 he’ll be in another DC property, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice where he’ll play Thomas Wayne.

Negan will appear in the finale of the current season. He’s the foul-mouthed leader of a group of survivors called the Saviors. The group uses its muscle to get tribute paid by neighboring communities, basically “protection money.” Of course Rick isn’t a fan which leads to an all out war, most likely to encompass season 7 (and hell it could go into season 8). Negan, with his bat Lucille, also killed *SPOILER*. Yeah not going to ruin that one. It’s a scene so brutal, I was close to stop reading the comic series.

How they’ll bring the character to the screen will be interesting due to the very R-rated dialogue, but also the massive amount of violence. Negan makes the Governor look like a kitten to put it into perspective.

So, what do you all think of the casting?

TV Review: The Walking Dead S6E5 Now

walking-dead-5 photoAs Alexandria recovers from the Wolves’ attack, Maggie and Aaron set out in the search for Glenn. Meanwhile, the intimacy between Rick and Jessie grows, as the herd approaches.

The Walking Dead bounces back from what I thought was a weak episode last week. This episode in many ways is another focus on an individual, revolving around Deanna.

Alexandria is surrounded by Walkers, which puts everyone on edge as they thing the end is here. Being surrounded, they can’t get food. They can’t really get out, and it might be only time before the Walkers get through.

With everyone freaking out, the episode focuses on Deanna who as the leader needs to figure out what to do next. In the span of an episode we see her work through a lot of the issues and what the future might hold. It’s interesting to watch and really subtle to see it all. She goes from a plan, to being rather broken, to taking out her frustration, and then coming to some conclusion. We get to see all the steps in one episode. Deanna, out of all of the new characters, is the most fascinating to watch.

With that being said the episode has lots of other small plot points with Maggie worrying about Glenn, and Coral wanting to find his girlfriend.

The episode is a solid one bouncing back from last week and giving us some solid new Walkers to be creeped out by. Not the best episode, but an important step.

Overall rating: 8.5

TV Review: Comic Book Men S5E5 Stash-pocalypse

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, a hot zombie comic prompts the guys to reconsider their apocalyptic preparations. An eccentric collector comes seeking Walt’s help.

The episode continues the normal formula for the series which sees the guys joke around, see what folks want to sell, and then head on some adventure that normal folks don’t really do.

This episode has some interesting moments at least, but as usual, the moments aren’t capitalized upon to make the show really interesting. One segment has a guy selling an item that’s really sought after right now, and very valuable. There’s some discussion over it, but it’s not very in-depth or dealing in facts. The second segment of someone selling something is a bit more interesting in that it involves a knock-off unlicensed item, which is interesting they’d show it. The final segment has a guy wanting a sketch from Walt, which would have been a lot more interesting discussing the folks who have already contributed and discussing the idea of sketch books and conventions. As usual, the show doesn’t take advantage of what’s in front of them.

The segment involving all of the guys is a bit eye-rolling in that it has little to do with the comic shop, only having it spun out of their discussions. It feels like filler sadly.

I will say the episode had one comment which got me to laugh, but other than that, the episode sticks to the formula, giving us little new.

Overall rating: 6.5

The Walking Dead: Now Sneak Peek

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World Premiere Trailer: Preacher

A supernatural Preacher, a gun-toting ex, and an Irish vampire are coming to AMC mid-2016. Watch the World Premiere trailer for Preacher, based on the acclaimed comic series from Vertigo.

TV Review: The Walking Dead S6E4 Here’s Not Here

walking-dead-5 photoMorgan must face his demons on his journey from King County to Alexandria, as the identity of his mysterious friend is revealed.

The Walking Dead does a fascinating thing in this extended episode. The episode’s focus is Morgan and how he went from lunatic to bow staff wielding badass. It’s an amazing look at the psychology of the character and introduction to his new philosophy.

But, here’s my issue, did it really need to take 1.5 hours to tell this story? I didn’t see much that was there that justified its length. It’s an interesting decision as far as pacing. Where the first three episodes are break neck speed, this one takes its time to present a two person drama.

Morgan is joined by a new character Eastman, a man who has come to a very interesting philosophy and is Yoda to Morgan’s Luke. The episode is very much an evolution of a character and we see that in an hour and a half. The acting is amazing, and just two individuals grip you throughout. From murderer to valuing life, it emphasizes what this show is really about.

The Walking Dead is a character study. It’s about the individuals who live an inhabit this world. It’s not about the zombies, the scares or the gore. This is about the people within.

The episode is a fantastic one, though the length probably could have been shortened. Then again, when the acting and characters are this good….

Overall rating: 8.5

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