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Seth Rogen Tweets a New Look at Preacher

Seth Rogen is keeping us up to date on the filming of Preacher, the television based on the celebrated comic series. The series stars Dominic Cooper and will air on AMC. The photo looks like our first look at the characters Jesse Custer and Arseface.

The comic follows a small town preacher who is possessed by a creature called Genesis who is the child  of an angel and demon, and since it’s neither good nor evil, it’s a new type of being.

The series was announced in February 2014, and the comic was published by DC ComicsVertigo imprint.

The Walking Dead Posts Best Ratings Ever for a Finale

walking-dead-5 photoIt shouldn’t be much of a surprise but The Walking Dead continued to flex its muscles as television’s highest rated series. The season finale pulled in a best 15.8 million viewers of which 10.4 million were adults 18-49. That’s great, but doesn’t match the series high, which was this season’s opener which saw 17.3 million viewers.

The series’s 16 episodes ranked in the top 20 entertainment telecasts across all of television for adults 18-49. When you add in sports and specials, the 16 epsiodes all rank in the top 50 telecasts, the first time a series has achieved this in cable history.

The show ended the season as the number one show in adults 18-49 with an average 14.4 million viewers and 9.4 million adults 18-49 live/same day. That’s an increase of 9% in adults 18-49.

The success spilled over to the after show, Chris Hardwick’s Talking Dead. That show saw its best episode to date and pulled in 7.5 million viewers, of which 4.9 million of them were 18-49.

The evening also saw the first teaser ad for The Walking Dead spin-off show Fear the Walking Dead which will debut this summer.

(via AMC)

TV Review: The Walking Dead S5E16 Conquer

walking-dead-5 photoAs the people of Alexandria decide what to do Rick, the truth about the W’s is revealed. Meanwhile, Morgan gets closer to the safe-zone.

The Walking Dead wrapped up its season with an extra long episode. There’s tons to wrap up, or take on, and the episode kicks off with two big mysteries, what are the “W”s and where is Morgan?

Sitting out in the forest, Morgan is enjoying a meal when he’s approached by an individual with a “W” carved in his forehead, referring to himself as a wolf, he’s there to wake Morgan and everything he has. Soon Morgan is kicking ass and taking names. Two answers, sort of, checked off.

Back in Alexandria, the fate of Rick is up in the air, and while there’s lots of politicking, there’s also plans made in case things go south when it comes to the fate of Rick.

Aaron and Daryl are out scouting when they come across a person in a red poncho. Following them, they wind up in a trap, surrounded by walkers. Morgan comes to the rescue at the last moment, and saves them. Daryl figures out a connection between Morgan and Rick, after Aaron invites Morgan back to Alexandria.

Father Gabriel though is acting a bit weird, and wanders outside killing a few walkers. In a white tshirt, which I’m sure we can argue is symbolic in some way, he stumbles back into the compound, but leaves the gate slightly open.

Glenn follows Nicholas who sneaks off, and a bit to the death begins after Nicholas shoots Glenn.

Next up is the fate of Rick, who finally tells Michonne the plan, and we learn where her loyalty is. Where is it all going, the tension ramps up to crazy levels as the episode builds and builds.

The episode quickly gets into “dark mode” with four plotlines playing out. The community gathering to talk about Rick, the battle between Nicholas and Glenn, Rick taking on walkers, and Sasha and Father Gabriel fighting as Gabriel has gone batshit insane. Then, there’s the guy in the red poncho, who is with the Wolves but not for long.

The last moments are absolutely amazing. That’s how you end the season. Bring on season 6.

Overall rating: 9

Good Morning Los Angeles, AMC’s First Teaser for Fear the Walking Dead

A strange virus is going around… Fear the Walking Dead premieres this Summer 2015. Only on AMC.

The Walking Dead Spinoff Series Gets a Title

TheWalkingDead_logoRobert Kirkman announced on Twitter today that The Walking Dead‘s spinoff series will be Fear The Walking Dead.

The series has already received a two season pick up and will premiere this summer for a six episode season. The series will take place in Los Angeles with new characters and focus somewhat more on the outbreak happening as opposed to after it.

TV Review: Comic Book Men S4E15 Jay Invades

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, Jason Mewes drops by the Stash to hang out and play clerk. Walt looks to acquire a mysterious recreation of some iconic comic book art.

The episode features Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith’s partner in crime in his various films. The inclusion of Mewes in the episode isn’t quite the celebrity parade that has been this season (due to his past history), but it does fit the “special guest stars” that seems to fill the season.

The episode is much more comic book focused, taking place in the store which leads to a lot of geeky discussions. That’s a back to basics feel that’s more than overdue. The guys talk a lot about their comic interests and the games they enjoyed as crowing up. It’s some of the strongest material of the season. When I worked in a shop, this was much of our time, debating comics, or games, it’s the most honest episode for some time.

The other segments involve someone trying to sell some letters from Steve Ditko, someone who really likes the Silver Surfer, they’re pretty cool and some cool discussions come from them. Some of the best are some comic pages that need some expertise called in to figure out what they are. It’s pretty cool to see some discussion and interesting conclusions.

The episode goes back to basics as far as geeky fun discussions. It’s not a bad episode overall, and one of the more fun ones of the season so far. Hopefully the mystery gets solved!

Overall rating: 7.3

TV Review: The Walking Dead S5E15 Try

walking-dead-5 photoWhen life within the walls begins to mimic life outside, the group realizes that sheltered life may not be possible.

The Walking Dead is full of tension in this episode which really focuses on where things are better, in the walled community, or outside in the wild? On the outside, there’s the constant threat of walkers, and other individuals, but the walled community of Alexandria has its own demons that aren’t dealt with that leads it to being dangerous too.

Much of that involves the relationship between the abusive Pete and his wife Jessie. This leads to a powder-keg explosion with Rick venting what’s on his mind. It’s a hell of a speech that sets out an interesting status-quo and a battle for leadership and direction of Alexandria.

Are the monsters outside of the wall? Are the monsters inside the wall? Where can things go from here?

There’s just one episode left, and everything is up in the air right now.

Overall rating: 8.5

TV Review: Comic Book Men S4E16 KISS My Stash

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, the boys rock out at a KISS concert and Walt lives out his childhood dream of meeting Gene Simmons. Ming considers buying an arcade cabinet.

The latest episode of Comic Book Men continues this season’s insistence of having celebrities stop by for “spontaneous” segments that feel set-up and about as natural as an oral bowel movement. The latest is Gene Simmons and the crew heading to a KISS concert. How put on is it? When the guys enter, Simmons asks how they got in, never mind the film crew is already in there!

The best part of the episode is the non-KISS elements. There’s two of individuals trying to buy or sell things. The first is a girl interested in purchasing anything She-ra, and the fact she’s willing to crack open the item to play with it, there’s something really nice about it. The second is a cool segment showing off an original piece of cover art, and the story behind it is actually really cool.

The KISS stuff isn’t all bad. The thing that’s actually good is watching Walt’s reaction. He’s truly excited, and to see him stumble in what he says is actually great to see. The fact they’re all in make-up is even more entertaining, especially since they have some cosplay issues, and they’re called out for it. Overall, the episode has issues, but there’s absolutely some highlights to it that make it enjoyable.

Overall rating: 7

TV Review: Comic Book Men S4E14 Falcon for Sale

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, Star Wars legend Billy Dee Williams drops by the Stash to win the Millennium Falcon the same way Lando lost it – in a high stakes card game.

The latest episode of Comic Book Men continues this season’s insistence of having celebrities stop by for “spontaneous” segments that feel set-up and about as natural as an oral bowel movement. The latest is Billy Dee Williams who’s looking to get an over-sized Millennium Falcon for his nephew and when quoted the price decides to play a game of cards instead to negotiate on the price. The Star Wars jokes are plenty, as well as Williams’ quoting Lando’s memorable lines as if handed a list of notes to hit during his segments.

Instead the two strongest segments are instead the more natural ones involving people attempting to sell their items. One is a limited edition Bugs Bunny cell, and the other a trading card set of The Twilight Zone. Those two are more interesting because of the discussion of some of the history about them, and more interesting Walt’s decision on what to do as far as purchasing that. It might not seem super exciting, and turns the show into a knock-off of Pawn Stars, but at least in this episode, it’s the most interesting things.

The episode absolutely has its moments, and is pretty humorous at times, but the inclusion of celebrities has been a crutch this season that needs to be gotten rid of. They’re replacing  the “whacky moments” of seasons past, but creates a rather odd world revolving around this “comic book store.” The episode is just ok, but it’s one of the weaker ones this season, no matter how much I might dream of playing cards with Lando….

Overall rating: 6.8

TV Review: The Walking Dead S5E14 Spend

walking-dead-5 photoWhile trying to secure a new home, Rick and his group face challenges, and question the utopia they find themselves in.

The Walking Dead brings the gore tonight in a tense and rather shocking episode that got me screaming at the television telling the characters what to do. It’s been a while, but I actually found myself angry at the characters, screaming at the ones I hate, and again being heartbroken as another one is taken by the zombies.

The episode bounces around focusing on Rick’s group as they still attempt to integrate into their new town. The uneasiness we’ve seen the last few episodes continues as more and more is revealed about new characters and some of the underlying issues they’re just discovering.

The deadliest season yet continues as some of the crew heads out foraging, while Abraham integrates into the construction crew, and Carol discovers something about some of their new neighbors. It’s best to not spoil anything, and let you discover it all on your own.

Instead, I’ll focus on what the series does best, playing with the viewer’s emotions. The fact I found myself on the edge of my couch screaming as the episode rolled to its finale. From a sunny beginning to the darker end, the series continues to toy with us, killing hope little by little.

There’s two episodes left, and you know this is just the beginning. I expect the series to continue to pack an emotional punch.

Overall rating: 8.75

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