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TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead S1E1 Pilot

fear-the-walking-dead-posterWhat did the world look like as it was transforming into the horrifying apocalypse depicted in The Walking Dead? This spin-off set in Los Angeles, following new characters as they face the beginning of the end of the world, will answer that question.

The first episode of, Fear the Walking Dead, the spin-off series to The Walking Dead, begins in a familiar way, with a person coming out of a stupor and being immediately confronted with the world around him. This world is a little different from the five seasons we’ve seen so far in the smash main series. This is the beginning, when the idea of a zombie outbreak is just whispers and hints.

The first episode’s focus is more on the characters, especially as a family unit, than its sister series as well. The Walking Dead is very much about “family” but that focus is much more on building a new one when faced with adversity. This series instead is about a literal family. The mother, her daughter and drug addicted son. The boyfriend, with a family of his own. How will they react in the face of disaster? The series very much shares that with so many disaster films like 2012 and others. It also asks the much more realistic question of what do you do as a parent dealing with all of that?

There’s also the perspective of coming to grips with reality. We see it from a couple of angles, including a drug addict who’s not sure what’s real and what isn’t. It’s enough to make us question, but we know the truth of it all.

The look of the series is interesting as well. Set in Los Angeles, I expected a much brighter hue and look. Instead we have a visual style that looks to be a cross between From Dusk Till Dawn and 28 Days Later. Browns, oranges, with an almost dusty sheen permeates the color palette and look of the first episode. Visually it stands out from its sister series.

The first episode is about so many small details. A gun on the ground. A bone sticking out. A missing sign on a wall. And the overall look and color palette of it all.

The new series has a lot of pressure on its shoulders. It spins out of a monster of a television series, so expectations are high. The first episode, is a solid debut. It has me intrigued to see what comes next… in the coming zombie apocalypse.

Overall Rating: 9

Fear the Walking Dead, First 3 Minutes of the Series Premiere

Fear the Walking Dead premieres this Sunday on AMC.

AMC releases a Look at Fear the Walking Dead

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Science Fiction television has returned

the strain s2 imageSummer is usually the time of sunshine, beaches, barbecues, reality television and reruns. While science fiction shows may not get the attention they deserve, summer always seems to bring them back. Some shows like CBS‘s Under the Dome, FX‘s The Strain, Syfy‘s Defiance and Syfy’s Dominion have returned. While some of them have just began.

However the new shows are defiantly worth watching, from ABC Family’s Stitchers to USA’s Mr Robot.

Check out trailers for the new shows, and spend the summer in doors in the AC and enjoying some cool new sci-fi shows.

ABC Family’s Stitchers

AMC’s Humans

CBS’s Zoo

Syfy’s Dark Matter

Syfy’s Killjoys

USA’s Mr Robot

SDCC 2015: Fear the Walking Dead: World Trailer

Fear the Walking Dead comes to AMC on August 23.

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Comic Book Men Production and Writers Attempt to Unionize

comic book menWhile a union dedicated to just comic creators has been discussed for decades (and probably be a while before one happens), the production and writing team behind the show Comic Book Men have been attempting to. The effort is being organized by the Writers Guild of America East.

Original Media is the company behind Comic Book Men, Swamp People, Inkmaster, NY Ink, LA Ink, Miami Ink, The Rachel Zoe Project and much more. In 2014, the writers and producers voted overwhelmingly to unionize and join the Writers Guild. The vote was 42 to 9. It was a part of a campaign by unions to organize writers in the reality television business. The goal is to provide the kind of benefits and working conditions writers on scripted shows receive. The claim is reality show writers put in long hours without extra pay (some work up to 70 hours a week) and denied insurance and other benefits.

Since then the WGA East has said that Original Media has “refused to bargain in good faith.” Original Media is also being investigated  by the National Labor Relations Board for “failing to bargain in good faith, and by the wage and hour authorities for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from their freelance workforce.” The Writers Guild has successfully negotiated collective bargaining agreements with at least three other nonfiction television production companies.

In 2013 the editorial crew of Swamp People walked off the job due to a dispute with Original Media. The walkout was due to “unfair labor practice … unlawfully interfer(ing) with employees’ rights under the National Labor Relations Act by interrogating employees about union organizing activity.”

The WGA East is currently running a campaign to have individuals post labor-friendly tattoos on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #InkMasterUnion to show support. Below is some suggested text from their alert.

  • Workers on @SpikeInkMaster deserve a fair contract. @OriginalMedia needs to ink a deal #InkMasterUnion
  • I have ink. I watch@SpikeInkMaster. I want @OriginalMedia to stop #Unionbusting & sign a fair contract #InkMasterUnion
  • I Support @OriginalMedia Workers right to a fair contract #InkMasterUnion

We have reached out to the stars of Comic Book Men and Kevin Smith for their comments. The show airs on AMC.

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