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HBO and Brewery Ommegang Announce Re-release of Game of Thrones Iron Throne Blonde Ale and Take the Black Stout

Iron Throne Blonde Ale and Take the Black StoutWhile in Westeros it remains very much uncertain who will ultimately rule the Seven Kingdoms, fans of Brewery Ommegang and the hit HBO show Game of Thrones are going to enjoy something not seen since the merry rule of King Joffrey – Iron Throne Blonde Ale and Take the Black Stout. The two first brews in the collaboration series, much like Jorah Mormont, are back just when fans thought they were gone forever. Both beers will be re-released this fall on draft, in single 750ml bottles and in a first-ever collectible gift pack featuring a bottle of each and a commemorative Game of Thrones glass.

When it was originally released in 2013, Iron Throne Blonde Ale was brewed at only 25% of the volume of the most recent beer, Three-Eyed Raven, which hit stores this spring timed to Season 5 of the show. Bottle shops across the country sold out in days, while bars poured through kegs in hours. Take the Black Stout was brewed at twice the volume of Iron Throne and still sold out quickly. Fans who missed out on both of these popular brews, and those who can’t wait to try them again, will finally have a chance this fall.

Iron Throne Blonde Ale has a slightly hazy golden amber hue. The head is full and fluffy. The finish is crisp, backed by a touch of spice and hops. The aroma is a bit grassy with a hint of lemon fruitiness from the lemon peel. The taste is lightly malty, rounded by honey malt sweetness. Iron Throne Blonde Ale is 6.5% ABV.

Take the Black Stout is deep black in hue, with a full tan head. Aromas include dark chocolate, caramel malt, earthy hops, and a touch of fruitiness. Tastes include chocolate, dark coffee, and rich malt character. The beer has light, balanced roastiness aroma and taste. The clean hop bitterness converges with a slight woody character and spiciness. The finish offers sweet malt character giving way to spicy, earthy, hop bitterness. Take the Black Stout is 7.0% ABV.

The two beers will be available nationally in late September on draft, in 750ml bottles, and also in limited edition gift packs featuring a bottle of each beer plus a newly designed glass featuring the Ommegang and Game of Thrones logos in gold. Suggested retail price for the individual bottles is $9.99 and $22.99 for the gift pack. Brewery Ommegang’s beer finder will show retail and bar locations by zip code when the beers come to market.

Fashion Spotlight: We’re Home, Miyazaki’s Balloons, and Come at me Crow

Ript Apparel has three new designs today. We’re Home, Miyazaki’s Balloons, and Come at me Crow from Raffiti, Harantula, and AtomicRocket will be for sale on June 11, 2015 only!

We’re Home by Raffiti

We're Home

Miyazaki’s Balloons by Harantula

Miyazaki's Balloons

Come at me Crow by AtomicRocket

Come at me Crow


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Pop! Television: Game of Thrones Series 5 in April

In April, Funko brings us a brand new series of our Game of Thrones Pop! line! Series 5 includes Iron Throne heir Oberyn Martell, The Mountain Who Rides, and Grey Worm, commander of the Unsullied.

This series also contains danger in the form of Wight and a 6-inch Pop! of Viserion the white dragon!

Pop! Television Game of Thrones Series 5 Grey Worm Pop! Television Game of Thrones Series 5 Oberyn Martell Pop! Television Game of Thrones Series 5 The Mountain Pop! Television Game of Thrones Series 5 Viserion Pop! Television Game of Thrones Series 5 Wight

Preview: Game of Thrones #24

Game of Thrones #24

George R.R. Martin, Daniel Abrahams (w)
Tommy Patterson (a)
Mike S. Miller (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

FINAL ISSUE!!! Driven by the need to avenge his father’s murder and clear the name he himself is not permitted to bear, Jon Snow breaks his solemn vow and deserts from the Night’s Watch—an action for which there is but a single penalty: death. Meanwhile, Eddard’s heir, Robb Stark, seeks to rally his bannermen, not all of whom are eager to follow the young, unproven leader, no matter whose son he may be. And Daenerys, grief-stricken at the death of her husband, Drogo, builds a great funeral pyre to consume the hollow remnants of her life… only to find herself present at the fiery birth of a new age.


Guest Appearance on Graphic Policy Radio, Talking HBO’s Game of Thrones in IMAX!

Originally posted on Race for the Iron Throne:

If you haven’t yet had a chance to see HBO’s Game of Thrones in IMAX and are wondering whether it’s worth the money, Elana Levin of Graphic Policy Radio (a great podcast that covers comic books and politics) and I are going to be doing a special live episode, talking about our experiences watching Season 4, Episodes 9 & 10, and the new trailer for Season 5! You can tune in here at 5:30 PM Eastern, or just download it afterwards.

If you can make it live, use this post’s comment thread as a live thread to post any questions, comments, what you thought of the IMAX show if you got a chance to watch it, and I’ll read them out on the air.

See you at 5:30!

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Preview: Game of Thrones #23

Game of Thrones #23

George R.R. Martin, Daniel Abraham (w)
Tommy Patterson (a)
Mike S. Miller (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Mature

In Winterfell, Bran, troubled by strange dreams of a three-eyed crow, learns from Maester Luwin of the children of the forest, the original inhabitants of Westeros. But his lesson is interrupted by another bird—a raven, bearing grim news from King’s Landing: Lord Eddard is dead. Meanwhile, it is to that once-proud city, now stained with blood and madness, that Tyrion Lannister is dispatched by his father, Tywin, to rule as regent for the young King Joffrey. And across the sea, Daenerys learns that her son is dead… and her husband worse than dead.


Funko’s Pop! Game of Thrones Series 4 Out in December

Winter is coming!

This December, Funko will be releasing  a brand new series in their Game of Thrones Pop! line.

This series includes Mhysa Daenerys Targaryen and Castle Black Jon Snow.

Along with new variations of classic characters, the series includes some of the most highly requested Game of Thrones characters!

That’s right… They are finally releasing the Sansa Stark Pop! you’ve been dreaming of. Samwell Tarly and Petyr Baelish have also joined the Pop! army.


Preview: Game of Thrones #22

Game of Thrones #22

George R.R. Martin, Daniel Abraham (w)
Tommy Patterson (a)
Mike S. Miller (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Mature

Drogo is dying of his wounds. Daenerys will do anything to save him, even if it means embracing forbidden bloodmagic. But such spells carry a deadly price and, as the pregnant Dany is about to learn, that price can be far harder to bear than any graveside grieving. Now Sansa Stark, still betrothed to the mad young King Joffrey, yet no longer in love with him, finds herself as much a prisoner as Lord Eddard was, facing a fate as cruel and capricious . . . and as final.


Funko Reveals the Game of Thrones Legacy Collection Series 2

The Game of Thrones Legacy Collection is one of the most talked about Funko lines of 2014! Fantastically detailed, Funko has revealed the second series of the collection featuring Jaime Lannister, Brienne of Tarth, Robb Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark, and Khal Drogo.

The figures feature 20+ points of articulation and include numerous removable accessories, the figures will be available in October.

got arya stark got brienne of tarth got daenerys targayen got jamie lannister got khal drogo got robb stark

Fashion Spotlight: Glourious Basterd, The Legend of Thrones, and Wolf and the Hound

Ript Apparel has three designs today for fans of Game of Thrones. Glourious Basterd, The Legend of Thrones, and Wolf and the Hound from nikholmes, NoraEvergla, and SpicyMonocle will be for sale on August 31, 2014 only!

Glourious Basterd by nikholmes

Glourious Basterd

The Legend of Thrones by NoraEvergla

The Legend of Thrones

Wolf and the Hound by SpicyMonocle

Wolf and the Hound

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