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TV Review: King of the Nerds S3E6 Murder at Nerdvana?!

king of the nerdsTwo nerds enter and one nerd leaves as the fifth episode of the third season of King of the Nerds sees the nerds investigate when Pom Pom Kitty vanishes. Also: A master strategist’s loyalty is tested.

The entire episode Colby has a target on him, as pretty much everyone but Kaitlin is gunning to get rid of him. The nerds that are left though, still try to make him feel welcome, which is all a bit weird. Their gunning for him really comes off as dickish. He’s the strongest competitor, but that’s not the reason cited. It’s always for “revenge” because Colby beating other folks.

The main contest is pretty fun having each team work to solve the murder and have to go through a bunch of forensic clues to solve who was responsible for Pom Pom Kitty. It’s different, and actually kind of fun.

With the losing team set, the jockeying of who’s going to the Nerd Off is really interesting. Jonathan decides to step up and say he’ll go against Colby, which makes no sense at all for someone who wants to win the game. Why would you purposely send yourself in!? The person who Colby goes up against is interesting and how it plays out is fascinating. The final contest is really fun too.

Overall, this is the strongest episode so far. And with another person out…. the teams are shuffled!

Overall rating: 8.25

Tom Ellis as Lucifer in New DC Comics Television Series

Tom EllisFor the upcoming television pilot for Lucifer, Fox and Warner Bros. have found their leading devil. Tom Ellis has been cast in the main role based on the DC Comics character.

Ellis has a long history on television series dating back to 2000.

Disillusioned as the ruler of Hell, Lucifer ditches his kingdom and heads for greener pastures—Los Angeles, California. To occupy his time, the fallen angel helps the LAPD take down criminals.

The character goes back to 1962 where he debuted in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #65. He came to the forefront though when the character was added to Neil Gaiman’s run on The Sandman and then his own series.

The television series is one of many in the works based off of DC Comics series or characters. Supergirl is currently being worked on at CBS, and currently on television is Gotham, Arrow, The Flash, and Constantine.

TV Review: Arrow S3E15 Nanda Parbat

arrowOn this episode of Arrow Malcolm is captured by Ra’s al Ghul and taken to Nanda Parbat. Because of his love for Thea, Oliver considers saving Merlyn. Ray is obsessed with finishing his Atom suit so he can save the city but Felicity fears he is heading down the same path as Oliver and tries to pull him out of the lab.

The episode is another forgettable one for me, though a lot happens. So lets take it a bit at a time. Nyssa is captured which gives her moments with Thea and Laurel. The Laurel one is a little heartfelt, but Thea is left on a cliffhanger for next week. Overall, it’s a bit meh, especially the Laurel part which I’ve almost totally blocked out just a bit after the episode ended.

The battle against Ra’s al Ghul continues which gets Merlyn captured, and then Oliver and John go after him. There’s some action, most of it is forgettable as well. I say most because the ending was absolutely memorable. It’s one rather interesting ending, and not something I expect at all.

The coolest parts of the episode involve Ray and Felicity. Ray is obsessed with finishing his Atom suit. And we finally get to see it “in the flesh” at the end. It’s a cool payoff, and so far, the Palmer/Atom storyline to me is the highlight of the season. More please! Spinoff please!

The episode is one I’d call a bridge. It sets up a lot for the next one, where hopefully more will happen.

Overall rating: 7

TV Review: Agent Carter S1E8 Valediction

Agent_CarterOn this episode of Marvel‘s Agent Carter, Peggy faces the full fury of Leviathan, as Howard Stark makes his return.

The final episode of this season has a nice mix of action, humor, and a little bit of heart. Dr. Johann Fennhoff’s plan is better revealed, and still has a nice “comic book” feel about it all. We also get the fight between Peggy and Dottie we also hoped for. The episode did its job giving us what we all wanted.

For me though, the standout, and scene stealer whenever he’s present, is Howard Stark, whose return is dotted with humor in his doucheness. His ongoing joke of trying to remember Dottie’s name brought humor to an episode that was rather action packed.

The downside was the ending. Peggy makes a statement that she knows her value, so her superiors don’t need to. Which to me is a bit opposite of her attitude and actions throughout the season, where she’s bucked the system and proven her value through action. By her making that statement, it’s as if she’s given in to the patriarchy that’s given her shit, add on the fact every clapped when she enters the office! Just a down note to go out on.

Agent Carter was solid, something new, and a fresh television series. Hopefully we’ll be getting more.

Overall Score: 8

Calista Flockhart Joins Supergirl as Cat Grant

Calista FlockhartCalista Flockhart is returning to television, and will be joining CBS‘s pilot for Supergirl as Cat Grant. In the television series, Kara Zor-El, played by Melissa Benoist, will be working as a personal assistant to Grant who has her own company, CatCo.

Flockhart break big as Ally McBeal who premiered on The Practice before getting her own series which ran from 1997-2002. This is her first step into the “comic” world of television or movies.

Catherine “Cat” Jane Grant first came to DC Comics in 1987 and was a gossip columnist for the Daily Planet. She was a potential love interest for Clark Kent, twisting up the Clark/Lois/Superman love triangle.

The character did appear in Lois & Clark, and Smallville, and also has appeared in some of the various animated movies and series.

(via Deadline)

TV Review: Gotham S1E17 Red Hood

gotham cast Following several bank robberies, Gordon and Bullock investigate the Red Hood gang. Selina Kyle continues to bond with Barbara, and Fish Mooney tries to reclaim her position in the underworld.

Gotham‘s latest episode is full of surprises in this episode which gives us a bit of a twist on the Red Hood from DC’s comics. Along with a new familiar villain, we also have a friend of Alfred show up, and movement in Fish’s storyline.

But, really the night is about surprises, especially surrounding Fish and Alfred. Both take a bit of a grisly spin, especially Fish who does something eye didn’t see coming. Her storyline is the most interesting in the fact I have no idea where it’s going. It’s a bit odd overall, and what they do with her, I seriously have no idea. But, through her we get yet another villain, the Dollmaker, who was mentioned in earlier episodes.

The episode’s strangest spin is at the end giving a twist to what happened to Alfred and why. The series is getting good at taking you in one direction, the quickly shifting it another way.

The Red Hood story is fun too, adding something for the police to do, and gives long time comic fans something to giggle about, especially at the end.

Overall, I think it’s safe to say, the series has found its groove.

Overall Score: 8

TV Review: Comic Book Men S4E11 My Favorite Munster

comic book menIn this episode of Comic Book Men, Butch Patrick, TV’s Eddie Munster, drops by the Stash. Also, a Star Wars action figure so rare it was never officially released lands on the counter.

The episode is an ok one. There’s some interesting items being sold. There’s some funny moments. But, overall, the episode is just ok, not a lot happens.

There’s some interesting items being sold, I’ll start with that. The Star Wars figure being sold is one that I’ve heard about, but can’t say I’ve ever seen one I think. It’s some fun history discussing the toy and some of the things going on at the time. The other toy brought in to be sold is much newer, and I was a bit surprised at the amount that was mentioned for it, but the logic thrown out there is really interesting.

The really cool moment of the episode is Butch Patrick showing up, who gives some cool history of The Munsters, and his costume. It was something I didn’t know, and to see him go over some history of the show was pretty cool.

Overall the episode is an ok one. Seriously not much happens, but there’s some interesting history thrown out there, and for geeks, that might be enough. Better than quite a few episodes this season, but it’s just ok in my book.

Overall rating: 7

TV Review: The Walking Dead S5E11 The Distance

walking-dead-5 photoAfter withstanding a spectacular storm, Rick and the others meet what appears to be a friendly person, but find themselves mistrustful.

The Walking Dead is in an interesting spot. The season so far has been one of death, lots of death. Maybe it’s about time that some good happens?

The episode is a tense one, really tense, with large parts of it occurring in darkness. A new individual, Aaron, has come forward promising a safe place to live. After everything they’ve been through, can Rick and his folks trust him, and believe what he promises?

For four and a half seasons, the series has been about surviving. At some point the series needs to turn into living as well. Can you build a community after all that’s happened? We have the initial group, Rick and his group are a family, but can it expand from that? That’s where the show is it.

For four and a half seasons it’s been a war for survival, but Rick especially, is presented with a chance to stop fighting, and in a way, come home. Alexandria presents a fundamental shift of not just the series, but the individuals.

The episode is all about the above and more, mixed in with some fantastic scares. We’re at that moment, where a fundamental shift of the series is coming, Get ready for the next phase of The Walking Dead. Hope, it’s as fantastic as it can be.

Overall rating: 9

TV Review: King of the Nerds S3E5 Nuclear Nerd Games

king of the nerdsTwo nerds enter and one nerd leaves as the fifth episode of the third season of King of the Nerds sees the two teams competing in a competition that revolves around games.

With the special guests the teams compete in geeky versions of Charades, Pictionary, and a third where they can each only say one word at a time to give hints, a variant of Celebrity. The games are actually really fun to watch and I did my best to not see the answers and try to guess myself. Some of the guesses are really impressive considering the hints they’ve been given. There’s also some I have no idea how I’d have attempted to get folks to figure out the answer.

The big thing about this episode is the big alliance, and it finally starting to crumble. There’s lots of maneuvering beginning, which should make the next few episodes really interesting as trust starts to wain, and key people get picked off.

Also, I’m starting to really cheer for a few folks, especially Colby, who I remember from Jeopardy. I remember not liking him a ton during his appearance, but the show has really showed off his personality, and I’ve begun to really appreciate his style.

It’ll be interesting to see the next episode, especially after the ending to this one. Let the games really begin!

Overall rating: 7.75

Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Series Cast Reveal

Marvel Television and Disney XD announced the all-star voice cast for new animated-television series “MARVEL’S GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!” Will Friedle, Kevin Michael Richardson, Trevor Devall, Vanessa Marshall, David Sobolov, and James Arnold Taylor will star in the series, premiering in 2015 on Disney XD.

“The cast for the new GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY animated series has all of us at Marvel animation very excited. These are some of the best, boldest and funniest voices in the business,” said Marvel’s VP, Current Animation, Stephen Wacker. “All of us here at Marvel Animation Studios are working around the clock to bring you an over-the-top, action-packed show worthy of the biggest film of 2014. We can’t wait for you to see it!”

Will Friedle (“Boy Meets World,” “Kim Possible”) will voice PETER QUILL AS STAR-LORD, the brash adventurer who, to save the universe from its greatest threats, joins forces with a quartet of disparate misfits. Trevor Devall (“Johnny Test”) will voice fan-favorite ROCKET RACOON, Kevin Michael Richardson (“The 7D,” “The Cleveland Show”) plays tree-like humanoid, GROOT, Vanessa Marshall (“The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy,” “Star Wars Rebels”) voices the enigmatic, expert fighter GAMORA and David Sobolov (“Robocop: Alpha Commando,” “Transformers Prime”) plays the rough-edged warrior DRAX THE DESTROYER. Rounding out the cast is James Arnold Taylor (“Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.,” “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”), who will voice COSMO and YONDU.

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