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TV Review: Constantine S1E8 The Saint of Last Resorts

CONSTANTINE-First-Official-Image1Anne Marie, a member of the Newcastle crew, asks John and Chas for help in Mexico City — bringing them close to the heart of the rising darkness; Zed is haunted by her past.

The religious aspect of Constantine is finally kicking in, two episodes in a row we’re dealing with religion. Last week was a faith healer and snake handling, and this one is straight up children being abducted and a church.

The episode is split though. While Constantine deals with stolen babies, Zed is wandering around back in town, and meeting up with Eddie, who we know something is up. And…. we finally get more of an idea about Zed. We know her name is Mary, and we know her father heads some cult, and she’s some sort of savior for it.

The episode gives us background not just on Zed, but also on Constantine, of whom we meet an old flame of his. And even though he’s been a bit of an ass the rest of the season, especially towards women, he seems to actually care about this one.

What’s solid about this episode is that there’s actually some creepy imagery, especially with some demons at the end. There’s some odd moments though, like Chas coming and going, and the end is a little odd as far as choices.

This is the series’ first two-parter, so we’ll see how ti concludes next week, but another decent entry into a series that’s clearly finding its footing.

Overall rating: 7.75


Last Christmas Trailer – Doctor Who

The Doctor and Clara meet Santa in one of the Time Lord’s most incredible adventures yet!

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Wizard World/Cinedigm’s Digital Channel CONtv Announces Content

CONtv_PHS2_LOGO43C_R13_WHTCONtv today announced an expansive portfolio of acquired film and television content that will be available on the new digital network. Launching in early 2015, the direct-to-consumer digital service geared specifically for fans in the Comic Con community, will also include the previously announced original program Fight of the Living Dead, a horror-competition series from Alpine Labs, BlackBoxTV and Revolver Picture Company. CONtv plans to announce additional programming initiatives, original series and talent partnerships in the coming weeks.

Spanning cult television, sci-fi, horror and fantasy films, grindhouse classics, thrilling martial arts adventures, and more, CONtv’s extensive launch offering includes:

  • Superhero Action: He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe, Voltron, Trial of the Incredible Hulk, She-Ra: Princess Of Power
  • Cult Classics: Godzilla, Death Race 2000, Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark, Return Of The Killer Tomatoes, Beware The Blob, Transylvania 6-5000, Night Patrol
  • Horror: Evil Dead, Re-Animator, Hellraiser, I Spit On Your Grave (#1 and #2), Hellboy: Blood & Iron, Rob Zombie Presents The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, Ichi The Killer, Puppet Master, Embrace of the Vampire
  • Martial Arts: Fists of Fury, Shaolin, Man From Nowhere, War of the Arrows, Legend of the Fist, Yakuza Weapon, Blade of Kings, Lady Ninja
  • Gaming: Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros, Legend Of Zelda, Stargate Infinity, Street Fighter Alpha, Heavenly Sword
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy Television: UK’s Being Human, Farscape, Highlander, Demon King, Stargate Infinity
  • AnimeYu-Gi-Oh, Beyblade, Digimon, Ghost in the Shell, High School Of The Dead, Saint Seiya, Angel Beats, Clannad

CONtv is a joint venture between Cinedigm and Wizard World.

Upon its launch in early 2015, the digital service will be offered as a free ad-supported platform as well as a low-cost monthly subscription of $6.99/month with content exclusives, audience rewards, a dynamic social viewing experiences, and ticketing bundle opportunities for fans planning to attend Wizard World conventions. CONtv plans to launch across a wide spectrum of devices including Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, Samsung Smart TV, Windows, Mac OS, mobile, and tablet devices.

TV Review: Arrow S3E9 The Climb

arrowOn this episode of Arrow The League of Assassins give Oliver 48 hours to find Sara’s killer, or Starling City citizens will die. Oliver than has an epic confrontation with Ra’s al Ghul.

This season started off with a surprising death and eight episodes later we finally find out who shot the arrow that killed Sara. That shocking, but at the same time not unexpected, revelation leads to a something else we knew was coming, the confrontation between Oliver ad Ra’s al Ghul. The series has been building to that since the League of Assassins was introduced, and that is about to start paying off.

What’s interesting is the episode builds up to that confrontation and battle, but spends 50 minutes to do so. The actual battle between Ra’s and Oliver is a little short, though I guess if someone is really good at what they do, then the battle isn’t going to last long, especially when it should be as one-sided as it is here.

The ending is a bit shocking I’d say, with things just left out there until the show returns in January, which feels like forever!

Also, we get a bit more insight into Ray Palmer, and what he’s up to. All of that is fairly cool for comic fans who’ll geek out at the various references thrown out there. Where that storyline goes…. we’ll have to wait to January as well.

The episode is an interesting one. Not as strong as some others this season, but a relatively solid payoff considering this season’s build up to this point. Where it all goes, we’ll have to wait and see!

Overall rating: 8.5

TV Review: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E10 What They Become

Agents_of_SHIELD_logoWhitehall and Coulson’s forces take part in an explosive confrontation that changes everyone’s fate; Skye uncovers about her past.

The episode kicks off picking up from the ending of last week’s episode. Skye is introduced to her batshit insane father and gets a bit of family history, with lots of hints as to what Skye is.

This episode is all about reveals as promised. We now know Skye’s real name, which hints as to who she is from the comics. We know Skye’s father’s real motivation. We know Skye’s father’s name, which is explains why he’s so batshit insane (see the above paragraph). We now have a much better idea as to what is in the temple, and for comic fans what we can expect.

This season has built to this episode, and it actually paid off! This television series might have become one of the most important things going in the Marvel cinematic universe, and that’s something few (judging by ratings) saw coming.

The Inhumans have arrived in the Marvel cinematic u and it all began here! The second half of the season can’t get here soon enough!

Overall Score: 9

TV Review: The Flash S1E9 The Man in the Yellow Suit

theflash_full_costumeBarry enjoys holiday traditions with Joe and Iris — and is faced with his nemesis; a touching moment with Iris is interrupted by Eddie’s arrival.

It feels like the season has been building to this moment, Barry’s, aka the Flash’s, run in with the man in yellow, who we comic fans know as The Reverse Flash.

About 45 minutes in, we’ve got the big meeting, not between The Flash, but between Wells, a few others, and The Reverse Flash. Here’s where we’re diving into spoilers…. You’ve been warned….

We know who The Reverse Flash most likely isn’t. In that same room was Thawne and Wells. So can we check two off of the list? Hopefully you waited to the end to find out.

Also in this episode…. we’ve got Firestorm! That’s right, Ronnie is in full flaming glory. His part was a bit short, and stilted, but it’s an intro, and we get a better look as to what we can expect the character to look like in the short-term, and some of his powers.

Overall, this episode was pure nerdgasm. Reverse Flash! Firestorm! Flash vs. Reverse Flash!

But, even with all of that, the episode still finds its heart. There are moments between Barry and both Wests that show off the series is more than a man in red. And tell me you don’t feel a bit heartbroken in the scene between Barry and his father. For all the action, there’s as much feels packed into this episode.

The Flash is building and building, and here’s the first big payoff, and boy does it deliver. The Flash is quickly becoming THE best comic television show on the air right now, and this episode is a prime example of why.

And what an ending!

Overall rating: 9.75

TV Review: Constantine S1E7 Blessed Are the Damned

CONSTANTINE-First-Official-Image1While in art class, Zed has a bizarre vision of snakes that lead her and John to a small town where a preacher has mysteriously gained the ability to heal his congregation.

Another solid entry in the shortish Constantine season. The episode again shows off the acting chops of Matt Ryan in the main role, and proves that he’s definitely a main draw for the series (and we’ll hopefully see more of him if Constantine were to show up in a DC movie).

The episode dives a bit more into some of the mythology of this world, and the fact that there’s angels and demons and what this means when it comes to religion for the world. All of that comes from Zed who wants to discuss it all further. It’s a short discussion, but is more so for the viewers than anything else, and much needed as I’ve wondered all of this myself.

Particularly solid on the episode is the last ten minutes or so. There’s a twist that’s really great, and one I honestly didn’t see coming. The ending was really solid, and makes things a bit clearer of where some folks align in the good and evil scale. It’s also a bit clearer as to what’s going on and what Constantine will be dealing with, and why.

Overall, the episode is a solid one, continuing a good streak for the series. As usual though, Ryan is the draw here, his portrayal is really spot on. The downside is the episode continues to tease the big bad at a glacial pace, something that needs to speed up a little bit, where the only movement occurs in the last minutes. What’s sad is, with some minor tweaks, the series can go from really good, to really great.

Overall rating: 8


TV Review: Arrow S3E8 The Brave and the Bold

arrowOn this episode of Arrow as Oliver, Arsenal, and Diggle pursue a killer named Digger Harkness, they encounter an ARGUS team; Oliver and the Flash team up to try and stop Harkness.

I mentioned in my review yesterday that the Arrow’s appearance on The Flash added a bit of darkness to an otherwise overly “bright” show. The reverse can be said for this second team-up episode that has the Flash head to Arrow. Barry helps the Arrow see he doesn’t have to be so dark and moody, and can lighten up a bit.

Taking its name from DC Comics’ (in)famous team-up comics, this episode sees the Flash and Arrow take on Captain Boomerang, a rogue I generally associate with the Flash.

The red speedster and his crew head to see the Arrow and a while gang fight this new villain. What’s solid is, the episode plays off the two’s previous interactions, especially last night’s episode of The Flash. What’s also great is the two episodes together give us numerous winks and nods to the comic team-ups many of us grew up reading. Last night it was “who’d win in a fight,” and tonight is the lessons heroes teach each other, with a return to “who’d win in a fight.”

Two separate shows that are good on their own, but together so much stronger. Here’s to many more team-ups in the future.

Overall rating: 8.5

TV Review: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E9 Ye Who Enter Here

Agents_of_SHIELD_logoSHIELD discovers the ancient city before Hydra, but uncovering the secrets may require one of Coulson’s team to make the ultimate sacrifice. Meanwhile, May and Skye race to get to Raina before Whitehall takes her.

This episode we get two stories running side by side. Some of the team heads to the temple and explores it. The other team deals with Raina and her dodging of Whitehall’s goons. My issue is with the split at all. Lets face it, we want to find out what’s in the temple. We’re getting only a little bit, teased throughout the hour.

I thought about the need to split it all. If everyone was in the temple, it’d be rather boring with most of the folks standing around, the location is a bit too tight, and the exploration too narrow to involve everyone. Also, by splitting the episode up, we get Skye chatting with Raina, and from there we get a bigger idea of the temple and what it holds within.

Raina lays it out for us, this involves the Kree, and when it comes to temples and devices, it means the Inhumans can’t be far behind. The device that determines who’s special? Probably Terrigen Mists (or some version of it) which allows the Inhumans to gain their powers. We know the Inhumans will be entering the Marvel cinematic universe in the future, and it’d be brilliant to introduce them on the television show, cementing its importance for the numerous folks who are overlooking the show.

On top of the mystery, and the hints, there was also some solid humor courtesy of Patton Oswalt’s same faced, different named “brothers.”

In the end, this week was a much improved episode, and one of the stronger of the season.

Overall Score: 8

TV Review: The Flash S1E8 Flash Vs. Arrow

theflash_full_costumeWhen a new meta-human, Chroma, threatens to take down Starling City, Arrow requires more help than his standard crew, and therefore, the Flash comes to help.

We knew it’d happen, but The Flash is teaming up with Arrow, in what is probably the most fun episode of the season so far that had me sporting a smile for almost the entire hour.

The Flash‘s greatest strength as a show has been it hasn’t taken itself too seriously, instead having fun, and poking fun at what it is (a bright red guy running around in a suit). This episode does all that and more.

There’s a montage of the Arrow training the Flash, which had me laughing out loud. There’s even a debate between people of who would win in a fight!!! The show brilliantly takes a lot of tropes that pepper these types of team-ups. It’s all done with such fun and glee, it’s almost infectious. I want an entire show of these two teaming up now.

The episode also helps darken up The Flash a bit, with Oliver reminding Barry what being a superhero means, and that things aren’t all smiles, something the show actually needs a little. Everything is almost too nice at times.

There’s also a moment at the end for fans of Arrow that’ll leave your jaw on the floor.

Take a fan written superhero team-up and put it on the screen, and that’s what you got this episode, a damn near perfect hour of entertainment and fun.

Overall rating: 9.75

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