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Marvel Infinite Comics Come to Marvel Unlimited

Specially designed and optimized for digital devices, Marvel Infinite Comics take graphic storytelling forward. It’s never been easier to experience these groundbreaking comics! Marvel has announced over 90 Marvel Infinite Comics have been added to Marvel Unlimited, all set to be read right now!

Taking full advantage of the latest technology, Marvel Infinite Comics push the boundaries of what’s possible with digital comics. Showcasing new storytelling possibilities and techniques while still staying true to the medium’s greatest strengths. Dive into the Marvel Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe through these exciting new issues!

The following Marvel Infinite Comics are available through Marvel Unlimited now, with more due to be added in the future!

  • All-New Captain America: Fear Him Infinite Comic #1-#4
  • Amazing Spider-Man Cinematic Infinite Comic
  • Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I? #1-#12
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron Prelude – This Sceptre’d Isle Infinite Comic
  • Avengers: Millenium Infinite Comic #1-#6
  • Daredevil: Road Warrior Infinite Comic #1-#4
  • Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic #1-#13
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comic #1-#4
  • Infinity: Against The Tide Infinite Comic #1-#2
  • Iron Man: Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic #1-#13
  • Marvel’s Ant-Man – Scott Lang: Small Time MCU Infinite Comic
  • Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier Infinite Comic
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Prequel Infinite Comic
  • Original Sin: Secret Avengers Infinite Comic #1-#2
  • Thanos: A God Up There Listening #1-#6
  • Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted #1 – #13
  • X-Men ’92 #1-#3

Aspen Comics Renews on comiXology and Expands to Amazon Kindle

ASPEN COMICS logo-finalAspen Comics, comiXology and Amazon have announced an expanded and renewed distribution agreement to sell Aspen Comics’ digital comics and collections across the comiXology platform and expand the distribution of Aspen’s library to the Amazon’s Kindle Store.

The announcement sees the digital debut of Aspen Comic’s entire catalog in the Kindle Store including such hits as Fathom, Soul Fire, Executive Assistant: Iris, Lola XOXO and more.

In December, Aspen announced that it was merging two of its universes Fathom and Soulfire, the first fruits of which we’ll see in May during this year’s Free Comic Book Day.

Now’s a time to check them out!


Heavy Metal Debuts on comiXology

Heavy Metal, comiXology and Amazon announced a distribution agreement to sell Heavy Metal’s fan-favorite science fiction, fantasy and horror digital comics and magazine across the comiXology platform as well as Amazon’s Kindle Store. The debut sees the addition of the acclaimed science fiction and fantasy anthology, as well as two new original comic series on both comiXology and the Kindle Store.

The digital debut of Heavy Metal on comiXology and the Kindle Store sees the following titles available, including two comic debuts:

  • Interceptor by Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett
  • Narcopolis based on the UK film
  • Heavy Metal #280

Heavy Metal comiXology


Dover Debuts on comiXology and Kindle

DOVER COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS LOGO ][Dover, comiXology and Amazon have announced that Dover’s collection of graphic novels are now available across the comiXology platform as well as Amazon’s Kindle Store. Today’s debut sees the addition of graphic novels such as Blackjack: Second Bite of the Cobra, Mercy: Shake the World, Night and the Enemy and more available on both comiXology and the Kindle Store.

Today’s digital debut of Dover on comiXology and the Kindle Store sees all the following titles available:

  • A Sailor’s Story by Sam Glanzman
  • Blackjack: Second Bite of the Cobra by Alex Simmons and Joe Bennett
  • BOZZ Chronicles by David Michelinie and Bret Blevins
  • Civil War Adventure by Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapisz
  • Last of the Dragons by Carl Potts
  • Mercy: Shake the World by J.M. DeMatteis and Paul Johnson
  • My War by Szegedi Szuts
  • Night and the Enemy by Harlan Ellison and Ken Steacy
  • Puma Blues by Stephen Murphy and Michael Zulli
  • Secret Teachings of a Comic Book Master
  • The Juggler of Our Lady by R.O. Blechman
  • The Magician’s Wife by Jerome Charyn and Francois Boucq

AfterShock Comics Debuts on ComiXology and Kindle

Aftershock comixologyAfterShock Comics, comiXology and Amazon have announced a distribution agreement making AfterShock Comics’ growing slate of edgy, new titles from top creators including Garth Ennis, Paul Jenkins, Brian Azzarello, Marguerite Bennett, David Hine, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Jordan for sale on the comiXology platform as well as Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Today’s debut sees the addition of comics such as Replica, InSeXts, SuperZero, Dreaming Eagles and American Monster, available on both comiXology and the Kindle Store

Today’s digital debut of AfterShock Comics on comiXology and the Kindle Store sees all the following titles available, with the addition of Strayer #1 on January 27th:

  • American Monster #1
  • Replica #1-2
  • InSeXts #1-2
  • SuperZero #1-2
  • Dreaming Eagles #1

If you’ve been having issues finding these comics on your local stores shelves, you can now find them on the digital shelf. You can read our review of Dreaming Eagles #1.

Awaken a Galaxy of Over 17,000 Digital Comics with Star Wars and Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited returns to a galaxy far, far away this December and to celebrate, for a limited time, Marvel Unlimited is offering new and returning subscribers their first month free. For the first month of a Marvel Unlimited monthly subscription, new and returning subscribers will be able to enjoy free access to the new Marvel Star Wars comicsStar Wars, Darth Vader, Princess Leia and Kanan: The Last Padawan and over 500 Star Wars Legends digital comic books along with over 17,000 other Marvel digital comics featuring your favorite Marvel Super Heroes!*

Access this limited time offer by using the Promo Code FORCE at Marvel Unlimited Checkout and prepare for some of the greatest Star Wars comics featuring Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, and many more!  Marvel Unlimited is accessible on the web and through the Marvel Unlimited app on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

New to the Star Wars and Marvel Universe and don’t know where to start? No need to worry! Marvel Unlimited subscribers have access to the DISCOVER section of Marvel Unlimited. Subscribers are now able to discover easy-to-follow avenues into the Star Wars and Marvel Universes by being able to search by their favorite storylines, characters or creators.

Additionally, the next generation of Star Wars comics is now available in Marvel Unlimited; beginning with the critically acclaimed and record breaking Star Wars #1 by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday. With a Death Star-sized catalogue of Star Wars content now available in Marvel Unlimited, there is no doubt that the Force is strong with this deal!

This offer runs to the end of December.

Marvel Unlimited_StarWars_Promotion





*Offer valid from 12/11/15 12:00pm EST to 12/31/15 11:59pm EST. First month free; subsequent months billed at then-current monthly subscription fee (currently $9.99/month) unless and until cancelled. Offer is open to new and former (now-cancelled) Marvel Unlimited members. Offer not valid on gift subscriptions, Annual or Annual Plus memberships. Cancel anytime through My Account following registration. Auto-renewal and other terms and conditions apply; please see Marvel Unlimited Terms of Use for terms.

12 Day of Free Comics Returns to comiXology

comixology 12 days of free comicsComics fans rejoice! ComiXology’s ringing in the holiday season in a HUGE way with their Fourth Annual 12 Days of Free Comics! This year they have a great slate of awesome FREE fan-favorite comics to give to fans worldwide.

Each day from today until Sunday, December 20th get one new sensational comic from a surprise publisher absolutely free and don’t forget you can also gift that same comic to friends, family, co-workers, or anyone on your holiday gift-giving list!

Each day’s new comic will become free at noon EST and remain so through to 11:59AM EST the following day.

Get your hands on today’s first free comic Marvel’s Secret Wars #1 – only 11 more to go!

Visit every day to get each day’s new free comic.

Lone Wolf Development Announces Pathfinder License for Realm Works

Pathfinder UnchainedLone Wolf Development, creator of the ENnie award-winning, tabletop gaming accessories Hero Lab and Realm Works, announced a new partnership with Paizo Inc. to produce and sell Adventure Paths, modules, campaign settings, player companions, and rulebooks from Paizo’s popular Pathfinder Roleplaying Game product line through their campaign management software – Realm Works.

Launching the first quarter of 2016, the Realm Works Content Market will initially include popular Adventure Paths and modules. Rulebooks, setting material, and additional Pathfinder products will be introduced over time.

Starting mid-December, Lone Wolf Development will launch the “Realm Works Spotlight Series,” which will outline the Content Market release plan, showcase Pathfinder and other products in Realm Works, and preview key Realm Works features. New Spotlight entries will debut weekly in the lead up to the Realm Works Content Market release. Pathfinder fans can sign-up to receive notifications about the Spotlight Series and the latest news about the Content Market release, or check for updates on their website.

You can now sync Kindle Graphic Novels and Comics with ComiXology

comixology small imageComiXology has announced a new update that allows you to sync your Kindle comic purchases with the digital comics platform.

You can now sign in to comiXology with your Amazon credentials at which point your purchases will be synced. You can also merge your comiXology and Amazon accounts too.

Amazon purchased comiXology in April 2014.

Check out the video of my going through the process and syncing up my two accounts. It takes about a minute.

Stela: Comics for your Phone

There’s been a lot of recent news about digital comics, and one of the more interesting (and unexpected) is the announcement of the launch of a new mobile comics platform in 2016.

Stela is the “premiere mobile comics platform” designed from the ground up with original content by award-winning writers and illustrators. Whether at home or on the go, Stela is the only app that delivers comics designed and optimized for your smartphone, all in the palm of your hand with new content every weekday.

The Stela library includes work from acclaimed creators including Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer, Joe Casey, Irene Koh, Brian Wood, Ron Wimberly, Stuart Moore, and many more.

The app promises new content every day optimized for the mobile platform. More interesting, the app also mentions the focus on community whether it’s interacting with authors, illustrators, or fellow readers. You’ll be able to post your reactions and comments in real-time, and discuss the latest chapters in the Stela library.

This is one to watch for in 2016.


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