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An unboxing of Wizkids’ D&D Attack Wing Starter Set

WizKids Games sees the release of their much-anticipated D&D Attack Wing Starter Set. D&D Attack Wing is Dungeons & Dragons themed, and brings the heroes, villains, and monsters of the D&D universe to life in fierce miniatures combat.

Utilizing the FlightPath Maneuver System, collectors and players alike can command dragons and other fearsome Dungeons & Dragons monsters engaging foes in pitched aerial combat while customizing their forces with magical upgrades!

In this video we open up the starter set and show off what you get with it.

We’ll next explore the game itself!

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Star Wars: Galactic Defense Now Available

DeNA, in partnership with The Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm Ltd., today released Star Wars: Galactic Defense, an elite tower defense mobile game, available as a free download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Google Play for Android devices, and Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire and Android devices.

Star Wars: Galactic Defense is the first free-to-play tower defense mobile game to include prequel and classic Star Wars eras and blends iconic characters, adrenaline-fueled battles, and tactical gameplay in a mobile experience. Players choose their side – light or dark – as they explore and battle across iconic Star Wars locations, employ up to three champions at one time to change the tide of battle, and connect online with their friends in real-time.

Campaign and online play ensures the action in Star Wars: Galactic Defense is never the same with regular game updates that allow players to earn powerful upgrades, bonuses, and legendary Star Wars champions. Players can connect with friends, exchange resources or battle to conquer the galaxy with a top spot on the leaderboard.

Star Wars fans and gamers have unlocked a series of powerful in-game content by pre-registering and completing a variety of social activities. Players who download the game will receive these special in-game bonuses to help take down the enemy.

Star Wars: Galactic Defense is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Google Play on Android devices, and the Amazon Appstore on Kindle Fire and Android devices.

Unboxing: Dungeons & Dragons: Rise of Tiamat

On November 4, Wizards of the Coast releases the latest adventure for Dungeons & Dragons, the second adventure from the Tyranny of Dragons story arc, The Rise of Tiamat.

Players must advert the cataclysmic return of Tiamat, the five headed evil queen of dragons.

The new adventure hits shelves November 4, and is geared for characters levels 8-15 following the events of Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

You can pre-order the The Rise of Tiamat now!

Wizards of the Coast provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

DC HeroClix: The Flash – Delayed

DC HeroClix The FlashOver on their website, Wizkids has announced that the newest Heroclix set, DC Heroclix: The Flash has been delayed. Originally to be released next week, the sets will now be released one week later, November 12. So that’s not that big of a delay.

This applies to three releases, including the booster bricks, organized play kit, and the fast forces pack.

The delay is due to congestion at the Los Angeles port. The congestion is reportedly due to multiple reasons including shortages in capacity for both rail and trucking, delays in truckers obtaining their own chassis, railroad delays in providing railcars and equipment, vacation for dock workers, customs, and terminal appointments. It’s a mess.

Expect it to happen for a while and hit multiple items that need to come through that port.

Introducing Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing!

D&D Attack WingWizKids Games sees the release of their much-anticipated D&D Attack Wing Starter Set. D&D Attack Wing is Dungeons & Dragons themed, and brings the heroes, villains, and monsters of the D&D universe to life in fierce miniatures combat. Along with the D&D Attack Wing Starter Set, seven expansions are also available at launch to help players dominate the skies in ferocious aerial duels!

Utilizing the FlightPath Maneuver System, collectors and players alike can command dragons and other fearsome Dungeons & Dragons monsters engaging foes in pitched aerial combat while customizing their forces with magical upgrades!

The D&D Attack Wing Starter Set, available at participating retailers and hobby shops for $49.99, includes three pre-painted dragons, maneuver dials, numerous upgrade cards and introductory scenarios to help you and your friends take flight and duel in fantastic acrobatic aerial battles.

As part of today’s D&D Attack Wing launch, seven thrilling expansions including Green Dragon, Sun Elf Wizard, Frost Giant, Sun Elf Guard Troop, Hobgoblin, Dwarven Ballista and Wraith Expansion Packs, have been released, each priced between $14.99-$24.99.

Take flight with Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons today!

Games Workshop Teases The Horus Heresy Conquest

Games Workshop released the above trailer teasing something new from Forgeworld in Winter 2014, The Horus Heresy Conquest.

The Horus Heresy Conquest is book four in their series covering the titanic war and covers the Battles of the Cyclops Cluster, Siege of Mezoa, Conquest of Manachea, and Defense of Agathon.

As far as armies covered, the book includes Sons of Horus, Death Guard, Iron Hands, Salamders, Imperial Fists, Mechanicum, Dark Mechanicum, Solar Auxilia, Knights, and Titan Legions.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters in January

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters 1The much delay plagued Wizkids Dice Masters game will see Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters: Series One released on January 28. The release will include the usual 2-Player Starter Set, Expansion Packs, and also a playmat. The started set includes 44 custom dice, 22 cards, two dice bags and a rulebook. The retail price is a reported $14.99. The gravity feed will retail for the usual $0.99 a pack and include two dice and two cards.

The playmat is a much needed addition to the game and includes a play are for characters and dice, basic action cards and dice, as well as a life meter. The mat is 24″ by 13″ and will retail for $19.99.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters 2This is one of four universes for the Dice Masters game. Games based on Marvel DC Comics, and Dungeons & Dragons all have been announced as well. The newest set, Marvel Dice Masters Uncanny X-Men should be released next week, and recently another Marvel based set, Age of Ultron, will be out in May 2015.

Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms: Battle of Faerun will be released in November. DC will see its release in March 2015.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters 3

Transformers: Age of Extinction Kicks Off Galvatron Boss Battle

DeNA announced today the addition of a new boss battle to Transformers: Age of Extinction – The Official Mobile Game. A new threat arises in the game as players go head-to-head with Galvatron and his swarm of Stingers. This special boss battle begins today!

While the Autobots are distracted trying to defeat Lockdown and his soldiers, Galvatron is secretly waiting to strike against the Autobots when they are at their weakest. If his endless missiles don’t slow players down, Galvatron’s devastating punch just might.

Players must take down Galvatron and the onslaught of his army of Stinger soldiers by equipping their team with the best gear available. This will be the most challenging battle the Autobots have seen yet.

Play the Boss Battle Now

Download Transformers: Age of Extinction for free and play the new boss battle today at:

image1 image2

The Truth About Gamergate

SimAnt_SNES_boxYou might have heard about Gamergate. Its been in the news quite a bit lately, getting a lot of coverage from the mainstream media. But, those articles overlook the history of the term, which actually traces back to 1983, and was used in literature in 1984.

The term “gamergate” didn’t begin with Adam Baldwin’s Tweet about Quinnspiracy two months ago. The term didn’t begin two years ago concerning Rhode Island and 38 Studios either. Actually the term is a scientific term having to do with ants. Yes, ants.

In 1983 geneticist William L. Brown coined the term, and first appeared in scientific literature used by entomologists. The term actual means:

mated, egg-laying worker

The term is derived from the Greek words γάμος (gámos) and ἐργάτης (ergátēs) and means “married worker.” Say what?

Yes, gamergate is a term having to do with female worker ants that are reproductively viable. When an ant colony lacks a queen, what’s a colony to do? Well, this. A gamergate is a female ant that helps as a reproducer for their colony.

It’s about specific types of colonies of ants, some of which are actually queenless. Instead one worker, or a group of them, have active ovaries. Yup, for the colony to survive, the ant colony must rely upon the female ants.

This gamergate also has controversy attached to it. Some feel that the term “worker” should be applied to only ants that are part of the non-reproductive caste, while “queen” should be applied to all reproductively viable female ants.

It’s actually pretty fascinating stuff, and you can learn more here or the many scientific papers on the subject.

What does this have to do with this site? Absolutely nothing, I just learned all this last night, and found it a pretty fascinating look at a matriarchal society.

Infinite Crisis Champion Profile: Surrender to peace, when Starro debuts!

Get an inside look at Starro, the new champion from Infinite Crisis, the free-to-play MOBA from Turbine based in the DC Universe! On Wednesday, November 5, players can excel at pushing and controlling map lanes when this aggressive controller goes live!

Starro is a Star Conqueror. These nomadic and parasitic creatures roam the cosmos in two forms: motherstars and parasites. Motherstars are sentient, while parasites are extensions of the motherstar’s consciousness. A parasite attaches itself to other sentient creatures, allowing the motherstar to control that creature’s mind. Once controlled, the victims work toward growing more motherstars to go out and bring universal harmony to other planets—by conquering them.

Little did the Star Conqueror who came to be known as Starro know how difficult carrying that plan out on Earth would be!

Starro has little concern for what happens to the individuals it controls. They’re a tiny part of the whole. When Starro speaks to creatures it doesn’t control, it does so telepathically, urging them to join in universal harmony.

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