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Gen Con 2015: Pinnacle Announces Fear Agent, Goon, and Flash Gordon RPGs

pinnacle gen con announcementsAt Gen Con 2015, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, the makers of Savage Worlds, Deadlands, and many other games, previewed its upcoming releases for 2015 and beyond.

Pinnacle previewed previously announced properties such as Deadlands Lost Colony, Necessary Evil 2, and Weird War I, as well as several new surprise licenses.

The first announcement was for Fear Agent, a comic series by Rick Remender, Tony Moore, and Jerome Opeña. Fear Agent was published by Dark Horse Comics, and tells the tale of Heath Huston, a cynical Texan who ventures into space to battle the aliens who destroyed the Earth. Fear Agent is a high-action, thrill-filled race through space and time.

Pinnacle’s second announcement was for another Dark Horse Comic series, Eric Powell’s The Goon. This long-running, award-winning, tongue in cheek pulp crime series is laced with horror and humor.

Pinnacle’s most unexpected announcement was for the Flash Gordon roleplaying game. The design team played the iconic music by Queen and then displayed the well-known Flash Gordon logo to massive fanfare from the assembled crowd. No other information was released about the project, but Pinnacle handed out buttons to the attendees and afterward sold retro-style Flash Gordon t-shirts at their booth.

Gen Con 2015: Day 3 in Photos

The third day of Gen Con has wrapped up. Here’s the convention for the day in photos!

Gen Con 2015: Fantasy Flight Debuts Leia, Echo Base Troopers, Dengar & More!

Fantasy Flight debuted new miniatures for Star Wars: Imperial Assault at Gen Con. The Hoth themed releases bring us Snow Troopers, Echo Base Troopers, Leia, and more.

Gen Con 2015: Fantasy Flight Reveals Star Wars: X-Wing Mist Hunter, Imperial Assault Carrier, Ghost, & More!

At Gen Con, Fantasy Flight revealed new ships for their Star Wars: X-Wing miniature game. Check out what you can expect to hit shelves later this year.

Gen Con 2015: Day 2 in Photos

The second day has come and gone. Here’s some of the sights of the show from the second day of Gen Con. Lots more photos of scenery, miniatures, and cosplay.

There was also some game demos like Fantasy Flight‘s Forbidden Stars and Cryptozoic‘s upcoming Ghostbusters.