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Staite, Schneider, Estrada, Petty Among Top Celebrities At Wizard World Comic Con Nashville, September 25-27

Wizard World continues its 2015 schedule with its third visit to the Music City Center at Wizard World Comic Con Nashville, September 25-27. Jewel Staite, Lori Petty, the Dukes of Hazzard trio of John Schneider, Tom Wopat and Catherine Bach, the CHiPs tandem of Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox, and Jim Cummings headline the roster of celebrity guests scheduled to attend the pop culture extravaganza.

Staite, Schneider, Wopat, Bach and Estrada will appear Saturday and Sunday, September 26-27; Petty, Cummings and Wilcox will attend all three days.

Other well-known guests at Wizard World Comic Con Nashville include Adam Baldwin, Lou Ferrigno, Jason David Frank, and Chris 51 along with the cast of Epic Ink.

Wizard World is also the home of the most creative comics artists and writers on the planet. Artist Alley at Wizard World Comic Con Nashville will feature Michael Golden, Howard Chaykin, Ken Kelly, Larry Elmore, Sara Woolley, Chris Stevens, Genese Davis, Victor Dandridge, Danny Fingeroth, Greg Horn, Renee Witterstaetter and many others.

In addition, all full-price Wizard World Comic Con Nashville attendees will receive a limited edition exclusive variant cover The Walking Dead #1 comic, drawn by one of Wizard World’s talented artist guests (to be announced shortly). Comics will be issued at registration while supplies last and VIP attendees will receive an additional black & white sketch version.

Nashville show hours are Friday, September 25, 3-8 p.m.; Saturday, September 26, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sunday, September 27, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

Otakon’s Unofficial Attendance Number

P1030619Otakon, one of the largest anime and manga conventions on the East Coast has released the initial numbers for attendance as far as this year’s show. The convention has said their attendance is 26,500 as of now. They are still working out their final official number, which will be released in the next week or two and be the one that is included on their web site.

The convention is an impressive one taking up the entirety of the Baltimore Convention Center, something the Baltimore Comic Con doesn’t even do. The convention not only packs that, it also spills over in the surrounding city area as groups of individuals get together for meet-ups and photo shoots of the amazing cosplay on display.

While I’m still working through my thoughts of the show, I have to say, this is a fantastic convention and if you’re interested in manga, anime, or cosplay, and are in the area, it’s a convention well worth checking out.

Baltimore Comic-Con Welcomes Special Guest Jules Feiffer

Kill My MotherThe Baltimore Comic-Con returns to the Baltimore Convention Center the weekend of September 25-27, 2015. Click here to buy your VIP, General Admission, and Harvey Award tickets now! The convention has announced the addition of industry veteran Jules Feiffer as a special guest.

Feiffer began his storied career in comics back in the 1940s working under comics giant Will Eisner at Eisner’s studio. Initially working on art clean-up chores, Feiffer soon found himself with writing responsibilities, finishing Eisner’s plots on The Spirit. He eventually launched his own comic, Clifford, which ran within the pages of The Spirit between 1949 and 1951.

Generally thought of as the godfather of alt-weekly newspaper comix, Feiffer launched his own strip, Sick Sick Sick, in the pages of The Village Voice in 1956. It was later renamed Feiffer’s Fables, and finally just the eponomous Feiffer, which ran in the paper for over 40 years. Feiffer was nationally syndicated, and has been collected in books from McGraw-Hill and Fantagraphics.

More recently, Feiffer created his graphic novel, Kill My Mother. Released by the Liveright division of W.W. Norton, Kill My Mother garnered accolades such as winning the 2015 NCS Reuben Award for Graphic Novel, being declared a Vanity Fair Best Book in 2014 and a Kirkus Review Best Fiction Book in 2014, as well as being nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Graphic Album-New.

Beyond his work in comics, Feiffer is a man of many talents. He is a novelist, a non-fiction writer (including The Great Comic Book Heroes), an autobiographer, a playwright, and a children’s book author. He has adapted works to musicals and film alike. He has taught at ivy league universities and continues to hold an adjunct professorship at Stony Brook Southampton. And beyond his aforementioned accolades, he has been recipient of an Academy Award, an Obie Award, an Outer Circle Critics Award, a Pulitzer Prize for political cartooning, a George Polk Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Writers Guild of America, a Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Cartoonists Society, and has been inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame and the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Otakon 2015 in Photos

This past weekend was Otakon 2015 taking place at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD. The convention is one of the largest anime and manga conventions on the East coast. I was there Saturday checking out the show and snapping photos.

Check out some of the amazing cosplay below.

2015 Japan Film Fest of San Francisco Adds 16 Films

JFFSF15-LOGO-MAINThe 2015 Japan Film Festival of San Francisco (JFFSF), the first and only fully-dedicated Japanese film celebration for the S.F. Bay Area, has just announced 16 additional films that will screen as part of this year’s program.

Presenting a diverse array of current and acclaimed Japanese cinema, this year’s slate features a number of notable Japanese films across a variety of genres such as action, anime sci-fi, documentary, short film, historical drama, crime drama, coming-of-age, and romantic mystery. The just-announced films augment an extensive roster of titles already announced to run during the weekend of the 2015 J-POP Summit, taking place at Fort Mason on Saturday and Sunday August 8th and 9th

The 2015 Japan Film Festival of San Francisco opens in conjunction with the 2015 J-POP Summit on Friday, August 7th at the Castro Theatre, and runs thru Sunday, August 16th at New People Cinema located inside the NEW PEOPLE entertainment complex in Japantown at 1746 Post St., San Francisco, CA 94115. Tickets to individual screenings are $13.00 each, unless otherwise noted.

The latest announced films will run at the NEW PEOPLE Cinema beginning the week of Monday August 10th with screenings continuing until Sunday, August 16th.


Monday, August 10th, 7:00pm

Granted near-unrestricted access to the notoriously isolated Studio Ghibli, director Mami Sunada follows the three men who are the lifeblood of Ghibli – the eminent director Hayao Miyazaki, producer Toshio Suzuki, and the elusive and influential “other director,” Isao Takahata – over the course of a year as the studio rushes to complete two films, Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises and Takahata’s The Tale of Princess Kaguya.



Monday, August 10th, 9:20pm

This film unfolds in Harajuku, the melting pot of Tokyo and the epicenter of many popular sub-cultures. The lives of many young and dream-filled eccentrics, teenyboppers, narcissists, tourists, and workers from various countries – cutting-edge filmmaker Shuta Tanaka humorously captures the amalgamation of cultures found in today’s Harajuku in an ensemble cast comedy.



Tuesday, August 11th, 7:00pm

Here comes the farm-to-table film for foodies! Little Forest, Summer Autumn is a beautiful adaptation of the popular comic by Daisuke Igarashi about a young woman’s self-discovery through farming, cooking, and eating to live through the changing seasons. Ichiko moves back from the city to the tiny village in Northeastern Japan where she grew up and starts living a sustainable lifestyle that she learned from her mother.



Tuesday, August 11th, 9:15pm

Hayao Miyazaki pays tribute to engineer Jiro Horikoshi and author Tatsuo Hori in his creation of the fictional character Jiro – the center of the epic tale of love, perseverance, and the challenges of living and making choices in a turbulent world. Inspired by the famous Italian aeronautical designer Caproni – Jiro dreams of flying and designing beautiful airplanes and grows to become one of the world’s most accomplished airplane designers.



Wednesday, August 12th, 7:00pm

A nostalgic portrait of kirare-yaku – an actor whose forte is being “cut to death” with a sword in samurai films, Uzumasa Limelight goes behind the scenes of the distinctive film genre. A professional extra named Kamiyama (played by real-life kirare-yaku Seizo Fukumoto) has devoted 50 years of his life as a kirare-yaku. When the studio decides to discontinue its productions, he finds himself at a loss. Will the art of dying by the sword live on?



Wednesday, August 12th, 9:00pm

The newest feature from Japan’s famed Studio Ghibli is a sweeping story of friendship, mystery and discovery that delivers breathtaking animation that only Ghibli can bring to life. When shy and artistic Anna moves to the seaside to live with her aunt and uncle, she stumbles upon an old mansion surrounded by marshes, and a mysterious young girl named Marnie. The two girls instantly form a unique connection that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.



Thursday, August 13th, 7:00pm

Directed by multi-faceted filmmaker Shunji Iwai, The Case of Hana & Alice follows Tetsuko Arisugawa (a.k.a. Alice), a transfer student at Ishinomori Middle School. She hears a strange rumor about a murder case in school. Meanwhile, Alice’s classmate Hana is said to know something about the case… Was Judas really murdered? Hana and Alice embark on an adventure to solve the mystery of the “smallest murder in the world.”



Thursday, August 13th, 9:00pm

This touching school drama unfolds around Yuri Kashiwagi, a former piano prodigy, who returns to her hometown to work as a temporary music teacher and supervise the chorus members at the local middle school. While practicing for the regional contest, chorus members get an assignment from Yuri to write a letter to themselves in 15 years. Facing their personal issues, Yuri and her students begin to find their own voices.



Friday, August 14th, 7:00pm

From Yuya Ishii, the award-winning director of The Great Passage, comes this honest adaptation of a semi-autobiographical novel about a family that pulls together to fight a terminal illness will resonate close to the heart. Reiko’s daydreams and forgetfulness were not concerning to her broken family until a trip to the doctor reveals that she has brain cancer. With Reiko given only one week left to live, how will this dysfunctional family keep from falling apart?



Friday, August 14th, 9:20pm

Directed by Ryuichi Hiroki, one of Japan’s leading directors in the erotic fantasy genre known as pinku (pink films), Kabukicho Love Hotel is an erotically charged drama that traces the intersecting stories of a group of employees and visitors at a notorious “Love Hotel” (a type of short-stay hotel in Japan used primarily for sexual activities) in Tokyo’s red-light district- from a sexless young couple with broken dreams to a middle-aged couple on the run.



Saturday, August 15th, 12:00pm

32-year-old slacker Ichiko lives with her parents until a fight with her disapproving sister escalates, prompting her to move out and start working at a local 100-yen shop. One day she meets boxer Yuji, whom she has seen passing by on his way home and becomes attracted to him. After her life takes more unexpected and unwanted turns, she takes up boxing herself and attempts to change her ways.


TOKYO SHORT SHORTS 2015: A New Generation of 5 Short Films

Saturday, August 15th, 2:30pm

Co-presented by Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia. By popular demand, JFFSF teams up again with the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia to present the exclusive SF premiere of five outstanding short films directed by several up-and-coming filmmakers from Japan! Enjoy a colorful mix of comedy and drama that reflect life in Japan with a delicate and witty touch.



Saturday, August 15th, 4:30pm & Sunday August 16th, 12:00pm – Director Erik Shirai will attend both screenings followed by Q&A sessions

The Birth of Saké is a cinematic documentary that reveals the story of passionate saké-makers and what it takes to make world-class saké at Yoshida Brewery, a 144-year-old family-owned small brewery in Northern Japan. Director Erik Shirai and producer Masako Tsumura were granted unprecedented full access to film at the brewery and capture the intense and relatively unknown process (even within in Japan), of traditional saké making.



Saturday, August 15th, 7:00pm

This Academy Award nominated film is legendary Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata’s (Grave of the Fireflies, Pom Poko) rendition of Japan’s most famous folktale, that has been decades in the making. Found inside a shining stalk of bamboo by an old bamboo cutter, a tiny baby girl grows rapidly into an exquisite young lady. The mysterious young princess enthralls all who encounter her – but ultimately she must confront her fate, the punishment for her crime.



Sunday August 16th, 2:30pm

Co-starring ex-AKB star Atsuko Maeda and Shota Matsuda, this romantic mystery is based on the bestselling novel by Kurumi Inui. In the late 1980s, a college student in Shizuoka Prefecture named Suzuki begins a romance with a dental hygienist named Mayu. However, when Suzuki moves to Tokyo for his job and the two are forced into a long-distance relationship, their relationship starts to fall apart as Suzuki begins spending time with another woman named Miyako.



Sunday August 16th, 5:00pm

Co-presented by the Legacy Film Festival on Aging. Director Momoko Ando takes on the big subjects of Japan’s historical, social and emotional psyche with her second feature epic. Based on the director’s own novel and starring her sister Sakura Ando in the leading role of Sawa, an oddly determined caregiver for the elderly, the film is a lengthy yet magnetic road movie that brilliantly captures Sawa’s unexpected encounters and unique relationships with the elderly.

Wizard World Richmond Attendees to Receive The Walking Dead #1 Variant By Ken Kelly

The Walking Dead #1 Ken KellyWizard World, Inc. and Skybound have announced “KISS” album cover artist Ken Kelly has drawn the 13th in a yearlong series of Limited Edition Exclusive Variant Covers of The Walking Dead #1 comic, to be provided free to all full-price attendees at Wizard World Comic Con Richmond, July 31 – Aug. 2.

The exclusive The Walking Dead #1 edition will be produced in extremely limited quantities and is available at registration to fans at the Greater Richmond Convention Center only while supplies last. VIP attendees will receive an additional black & white sketch version of the comic.

Kelly was naturally talented as a child and was practically born with pencil in his hand. As his style developed in later years, he decided to join the Marines. While stationed in Cuba, he drew all the illustrations for the U.S. magazine “The Gitmo Gazette”. After serving four years in the Marines, Ken Kelly accepted an offer to train under Frank Frazetta. Throughout a career spanning over 40 years, Ken Kelly has achieved an international reputation as one of a handful of master painters of sword and sorcery/heroic fantasy.

Ken got his start doing covers for “Famous Monsters of Filmland” magazines, but it wasn’t until he painted both the “Destroyer” and “LoveGun” covers for KISS that he became noticed around the globe. Since then he has since painted a tremendous amount of book covers (his “Conan” covers being some of his most beloved works), artwork for toy companies such as Mattel (He-Man) and Mego (Micronauts). Kelly currently is under contract with Gene Simmons of the heavy metal band KISS, Kelly paints guitars exclusively for Simmons.

The Wizard World Comic Con Richmond celebrity roster includes The Walking Dead star Michael Cudlitz. Other stars attending include William Shatner, Billie Piper, Billy Dee Williams, Billy Boyd, Sean Astin, WWE Diva Paige, Kristin Bauer, and Drea de Matteo and many others.

In addition to Kelly, Artist Alley in Richmond will feature Mike Grell, Mike Zeck, Michael Golden, James O’Barr, Renee Witterstaetter, Clinton Hobart, Marv Wolfman, Danny Fingeroth and more.

Richmond show hours are Friday, July 31, 3-8 p.m.; Saturday, August 1, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sunday, August 2, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

Gen Con 2015: Cards Against Humanity Launches Desperate Bid for Attention

chi-cards-against-humanity-stem-bsi-photos-201-002The Cards Against Humanity folks have had one of the hottest tables at Gen Con the past few years, selling out of their product in a matter of two days, leaving them with not a whole lot to do. Well, the folks behind the game have decided to take a different route for this year’s convention, hosting a concert/variety show dubbed Concert Against Humanity.

We’ll be at the concert, relaxing after a crazy day on the show floor…. because why not.

Below is their press announcement, because lets face it, it’s kind of idiotic to mess with perfection.

Chicago – Popular card game Cards Against Humanity announced this morning that they will be hosting a concert and comedy show during Gen Con this year, with live performances by Molly Lewis, The Doubleclicks, Paul and Storm, Cameron Esposito, Kumail Nanjiani, and more.

The concert, which will take place Friday, July 31st at the Murat, Indianapolis’s largest theater, is expected to sell out.

Tickets start at $40 and are available now at

Cards Against Humanity co-creator Eli Halpern said, “Everyone attending Gen Con has already purchased and become bored of our game. Instead of exhibiting at the convention, we’re going to try this desperate bid for attention.”

The concert will feature musical performances from Molly Lewis, The Doubleclicks, and Paul and Storm, readings from authors John Scalzi and Patrick Rothfuss, and stand up sets from Cameron Esposito (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Adventure Time) and Kumail Nanjiani (The Meltdown, Silicon Valley). “The concert will be amazing, we’ve got a lot of great performers,” said Cards Against Humanity events manager Trin Garritano. “For a few hours you can pretend you’re someone who actually has fun on a Friday night.”

Bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss said, “I was scheduled to finish The Doors of Stone that weekend, but I’ve actually cleared my calendar for this incredible show.” When reached for comment, John Scalzi said, “I’m doing what now?”

All attendees of the concert will receive a swag bag with show exclusives and new products from Cards Against Humanity, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Magic: The Gathering, Fluxx, Greater Than Games, and Maxistentialism.

“If there’s one thing I know about conventions it’s that grown men and women go insane for branded garbage,” Halpern said. “I’m told we have a lot of branded garbage for you.”

The Chicago-based card game is known for their extravagant stunts, including buying a private island and giving a square foot of it away to 250,000 fans, forming a full-ride scholarship for women studying science, and executing a hostage every hour on the hour until U.S. President Barack Obama purchased a copy of their game on live national television.

Gen Con 2015: Modiphius’ Pre-Orders, and Thunderbirds!

Modiphius Announces Official John Carter Gaming LineModiphius is heading to Gen Con and will be showing off the Thunderbirds board game prototype on the Modiphius stand every morning.

Modiphius is offering web pre-orders so you can buy online before or during the show and pick up from the Modiphius Gen Con stand at the same great show prices they’ll be offering on the growing range of Achtung! Cthulhu, Mindjammer, Cogs Cakes & Swordsticks and Mutant: Year Zero books including recent releases:

  • Mindjammer – Hearts & Minds: The first adventure for the FATE based sci-fi RPG
  • LUGU: A storytelling card game best described as DIXIT meets Rory’s Story Cubes. It’s a perfect convention game!

They’ll be located at booth #2530.

2015 J-POP Summit Announces Japanese Pop Fashion Programming & Events

JPSF2015_LOGOThe 2015 J-POP Summit, the Japanese pop culture event held annually in San Francisco, has announced a colorful and exciting program of fashion shows, contests, celebrity meet-and-greet sessions and shopping opportunities that highlight the eclectic and edgy new sides of Japanese pop apparel. The 2015 J-POP SUMMIT takes place on Saturday and Sunday August 8th & 9th at the historic Fort Mason Center in San Francisco’s Marina district.

Throughout the weekend, J-POP SUMMIT attendees to Fort Mason can enjoy a colorful assortment of Japanese pop-influenced culture, fashion, pop art, live music, technology, and travel that will be complemented by celebrity Guests of Honor, anime programming, cosplay and J-pop idol contests, and a wide assortment of vendors and other programming.

Baby The Stars Shine BrightThe popular Japanese Lolita fashion brand, BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, located on the second floor of the NEW PEOPLE, along its more androgynous and mystic apparel line, ALICE AND THE PIRATES, present a captivating fashion show at Fort Mason and will delight attendees with fresh designs from their new Summer 2015 Collections.

The vibrant fashionable styles of Tokyo’s famed Harajuku district come to San Francisco as MARUQ, the “Ultimate Kawaii” specialty boutique located on the Mezzanine level of the NEW PEOPLE venue, is hosting Harajuku Fashion Contest at Fort Mason. This contest is inspired by Japanese fashion brands to be showcased at J-POP SUMMIT 2015 including ACDC Rag, Milklim, AWATAPRO, OMOCAT and MILKBBI.

J-POP SUMMIT Guest of Honor Cosplay Mannequin Duo – FEMM – will make a special appearance in the SOU SOU booth to showcase the Tabi footwear manufacturer’s new 2015 Summer collection.

Additionally, the eyewear brand, JINS and the Japanese children’s apparel brand, MIKIHOUSE, will participate in J-POP SUMMIT for the very first time and offer a wide array of unique accessories and other items for purchase.

2015 J-POP SUMMIT Presents Fashion Events & Special Programming

MARUQ Presents: Harajuku Fashion Contest

Sunday, August 9th, 12:40pm-1:05pm; Fort Mason J-POP SUMMIT Main Stage

MARUQ, the “Ultimate Kawaii” specialty boutique located on the Mezzanine level of the NEW PEOPLE venue, comes to J-POP SUMMIT with a special Harajuku fashion contest! This contest is inspired by five distinctive Harajuku street style fashion brands being showcased at J-POP SUMMIT 2015 – ACDC Rag, Milklim, AWATAPRO, OMOCAT, and MILKBBI! These brands represent many different styles of Harajuku street fashion and will be the basis for the contest.

MARUQ also will have a booth inside the Fashion Area at Fort Mason Center to showcase and sell the latest pieces from these new brands in addition to a wide variety of other styles and accessories. Additional information is available at: .



Sunday, August 9th, 12:10pm-12:35pm; Fort Mason J-POP SUMMIT Main Stage

BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT San Francisco presents the Summer 2015 Collection from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates on the Main Stage at J-POP SUMMIT 2015. Experience the fantastic and whimsical show featuring fairy tale favorites and more magical adventures on Sunday, August 9th!

Alluring by design, BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, brings its beloved Japanese Lolita fashion to their first U.S. flagship store at NEW PEOPLE. Leading the scene as the ultimate Lolita fashion brand, BABY showcases its playful clothing and accessories along with its more androgynous and mystic line of attire, ALICE AND THE PIRATES.


Additional Japanese Fashion Exhibitors


SOU • SOU hails from Kyoto, Japan and is renowned for unique designs based on classic Japanese “Tabi” work shoes and kimono-inspired clothing that features vibrant and modern graphic patterns. Each pair of SOU • SOU shoes is handmade by skilled artisans, preserving traditional craftsmanship and rare manufacturing techniques.

During J-POP SUMMIT, SOU • SOU will exhibit its 2015 Summer Collection and also give a free pair of “Tabi” socks as a gift with any purchase over $50 at the booth. Coinciding with J-POP SUMMIT 2015, SOU • SOU also hosts a photo contest campaign via Instagram from August 8th to August 10th (3 days) with contest winners to get exclusive gifts from SOU • SOU. For more details, please visit: .

The SOU • SOU San Francisco Store is on the 2nd floor of the NEW PEOPLE building located at: 1746 Post Street San Francisco, CA 94115



The JINS brand was founded in Japan in 2001 and has become a global leader in crafting stylish and innovative eyewear at affordable prices. JINS continues to pioneer the creation of glasses that go beyond simple vision correction, and opened its first flagship store in San Francisco in April 2015.

JINS has developed JINS SCREEN with modern consumers in mind: ones who spend long hours looking at computer screens and other gadgets. JINS SCREEN is designed to filter out 25% of eye-strain-causing blue light while also being light-weight. JINS SCREEN will be available for purchase at the JINS booth during J-POP SUMMIT.

JINS San Francisco Union Square Store is located at: 151 Powell Street San Francisco, CA 94102



MIKIHOUSE is a popular children’s clothing brand from Japan that has gained many fans over the years through its reliable quality that puts the safety and security of children first. The brand comes to J-POP SUMMIT for the very first time and offers attendees the chance to browse the super cute and comfortable, best-selling MIKIHOUSE shoes at an incredible affordable special price! During J-POP SUMMIT, an expert will be present in the MIKIHOUSE booth to carefully measure children’s feet and help attendees browse and select the perfect pair of shoes. MIKIHOUSE also will give a limited edition novelty fan with every purchase.

The MIKIHOUSE San Francisco store is located at the Bloomingdale’s San Francisco Centre at 845 Market St. San Francisco, CA 94103.

Gen Con 2015: Cryptozoic Entertainment Shows off Ghostbusters, Attack on Titan and more!

Gen ConCryptozoic Entertainment, will exhibit at the 2015 Gen Con event. Located at booth #601 offering game demos and retail sales. Tournaments will be held in Hall E. Members of the Cryptozoic team will also be on hand to answer questions from fans and press.

Trade Day & Trade Day Demo Night
Gen Con will be holding their 9th Annual Trade Day Wednesday July 29 to provide retailers, distributor, educators, librarians and trade professionals with new knowledge and connections within the industry. A Trade Day badge is required for this event. Cryptozoic will host a “Cryptozoic Entertainment: 2015/2016 Product Releases” panel at 3 p.m.

Cryptozoic will also be demonstrating games at the Trade Day demo night from 6 p.m.-9 p.m. at the JW Marriott hotel on the 2nd and 3rd floors, Cryptozoic Entertainment will be located room 311b.

Event Booth – Retail & Demos
Stop by the booth to demo games and purchase product favorites.

Games to be demonstrated include: Ghostbusters: The Board Game, Attack on Titan, Archer: The Danger Zone!, Spyfall, Epic Spell Wars II: Rumble at Castle Tentakill, DC Comics Deck-Building Game, Adventure Time Card Wars and MOD X.

Tournament Schedule
Please click here to download the full event schedule.
Highlights of the weekend include “Annihilageddon!!” and the “Ultimate Cerberus Showdown” both held Sunday. There are 5 events leading up to this awesome event. Win your way into the Showdown at an event ThursdaySaturday.

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