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Dynamite and VisionBooks Partner for a New Dimension Vampirella

VampiFearyTP-Cov-QuaLibre-NoParchDynamite Entertainment and digital comics studio Visionborne have partnered to produce a special edition release of Vampirella: Feary Tales. The series is featured on the Visionbooks platform in a new format that showcases movement and visual effects in every panel of the comic book.

Vampirella: Feary Tales celebrates Vampirella‘s 45th Anniversary with five issues of twisted tales, bizarre bedtime stories, and fearsome fables in the tradition of the original Warren magazines, each featuring everyone’s favorite sexy, kick-ass vampire-turned-monster hunter.

Download the first issue of the series for free on the Visionbooks app or as a single app on your tablet under the name Vampirella: Feary Tales #1 (on iPad and on Google Play).

Visionbooks revolutionizes comic book reading by transforming two-dimensional comic books into a 3D digital animation experience. By combining traditional comics with cutting-edge technology, Visionbooks creates a reading experience with special effects enhancements you would normally expect from blockbuster movies.

Phonogram’s return is music to readers’ ears

Writer Kieron Gillen, artist Jamie McKelvie, and colorist Matt Wilson, return to Phonogram to finish what they started with Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #1.

Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl is the story of Emily Aster, who sold half her personality for the power to rule a coven of phonomancers. It’s worked for nearly a decade. Clearly nothing could go wrong now, and the girl behind the screen won’t come back for what’s been taken from her. In a world where Music is Magic, a song can save or ruin your life. In Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl we discover what a video can do. And you will never listen to A-ha‘s “Take On Me” in the same way ever again.

Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #1 (Diamond Code: JUN150532) will be available on Wednesday, August 12th. The final order cutoff for retailers is Monday, July 20th.


Dynamite Expands Swords of Sorrow with Miss Fury/Lady Rawhide and Cosplay Variant

SwordsSorrow03-Cov-I-PhotoDynamite Entertainment, in response to the public’s overly positive reaction to Gail Simone’s Swords of Sorrow crossover event, is proud to build upon the enthusiasm with an all-new one-shot special entitled Swords of Sorrow: Miss Fury/Lady Rawhide, bringing together two iconic comic book heroines. Dynamite is also announcing that a special cover variant of Swords of Sorrow #3 has been created to celebrate the cosplay phenomenon, featuring four cosplayers in a reenactment of J. Scott Campbell’s cover from issue #1.

The photograph featured as the Cosplay Edition of Swords of Sorrow #3 was the brainchild of cosplayer Tabitha Lyons, who approached photographer Andrew Dobell of Creative Edge Studios with the idea to reenact the cover to Swords of Sorrow #1, as illustrated by industry superstar J. Scott Campbell. The original cover depicts four stars of the series: Red Sonja and Vampirella (two characters with long traditions of comic book adventuring), as well as literary heroine Dejah Thoris (from the Warlord of Mars novels and comics) and Jana from Frank Cho’s Jungle Girl. The photo reenactment features four lovely cosplayers: Tabitha Lyons as Red Sonja, Tasha Mackenzie as Dejah Thoris, Chiquitita Cosplay as Jungle Girl, and Mojo Jones as Vampirella. Fans and cosplay enthusiasts everywhere can look for this cover edition to hit stores on July 8th.

Slated for release in September, the Swords of Sorrow: Miss Fury/Lady Rawhide special unites the rebellious Western heroine of yesteryear with the unpredictable — perhaps dangerously so — costumed crime-fighter, whether they like it or not. Written by Mikki Kendall and illustrated by Ronilson Freire, the one-shot comes with a cover by artist Mirka Andolfo.


Dark Horse Delivers Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Series

Blooming out of the worldwide success—over one million copies sold!—of Plants vs. Zombies: Lawnmageddon, Plants vs. Zombies: Timepocalypse, and the new Plants vs. Zombies ongoing series comes a new comic masterpiece, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare!

In the first Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare video game from Electronic Arts, Dr. Zomboss and his legions of zombie minions attacked the lush plant utopia of Suburbia. In the recently announced Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, zombies have taken over, and now, for the first time in franchise history, the plants are on the attack. Delivering a story taking place between Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, the Garden Warfare comic has the exclusive reveal of how Dr. Zomboss conquered Suburbia. The evil-genius leader is up to a whole new set of tricks—and this time, he’s succeeding, thanks to his mighty Imp and Z-Mech! But hope remains, as our zombie-battling champs Nate and Patrice discover horticultural help from the future and the past, and Crazy Dave misses out on an ice-cream cruise!

Written by Eisner-winning comic genius Paul Tobin with art by artistic wunderkind Jacob Chabot, this series that takes PVZ and you on a highway to the danger zone of awesome fun hits the stands on October 28, 2015!


Alice Cooper vs. Chaos!

Dynamite Entertainment has announcde the upcoming September launch of Alice Cooper vs. Chaos!, a five-issue miniseries pitting the world-renowned rock ‘n’ roll icon against the comic book industry’s premiere horror franchise. Tim Seeley and Jim Terry share writing duties for the event series, with Terry performing double-duty as the series artist. Joyce Chin will provide covers for the entirety of the series.

Alice Cooper vs. Chaos! follows upon the success of Dynamite’s 2014 Alice Cooper, a miniseries that reimagines the rock legend as the supernatural Lord of Nightmares, responsible for visiting the vilest men and women of the world with nocturnal horrors. In comics, no one is more vile than Evil Ernie, Chastity, and Purgatori… the fiends of the Chaos! Comics universe. Plagued by bizarre nightmares, these terrifying undead monsters put aside their personal differences and join the teen monsters known as The Chosen to hunt down the one-and-only Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper vs. Chaos! #1 will ship in September 2015.


Dynamite Announces Homies Deal

HOMIES Dynamite deal introDynamite has announced an agreement with Surge Licensing, Inc. and Homieshop, LLC to create the first-ever officially licensed Homies publications. The deal includes rights for a History of the Homies comprehensive retrospective hardcover art book, which will feature all of the toys ever released, along with behind-the-scenes art, info, and photos on the development of the characters, brand, and merchandise, including interviews with its creator, David Gonzales, and the story of how the Homies blew up! In addition, the deal includes the right to create original comics and graphic novels in all sizes, as well as reprint existing comic material.

The Homies first began as an underground comic strip created by artist David Gonzales that ran in Lowrider Magazine in 1978 and was based on his friends and lifestyle.  The merchandising of Homies began in 1994 when trend-savvy retailer Hot Topic offered the shirts for sale, which soon became hot tees in their stores. Following on the heels of a successful T-shirt run, Homies was licensed for figurines in the vending machine toy industry, where all sales records were broken, with over 150 million figurines sold worldwide. The licensing program soon spread to products such as action figures, remote and die-cast cars, notebooks, posters, plush, Halloween masks, video games, music and more, and were carried by specialty and mass retailers, such as Walmart, K-mart, Kay-bee Toys, Spencer Gifts, Walgreens and many others. Today, the Homies are enjoying a comeback with new T-shirts, toys and more in the works.

As for the characters themselves, the Homies got started as a group of tightly knit Chicano buddies: Hollywood, Smiley, Pelon, and Bobby Loco, who grew up in the Mexican American barrio of “Quien Sabe” (“who knows”), located in East Los Angeles. Over time, the Homies have expanded their crew to over 300 characters from all different cultures, genres, and even species.


Review: Secret Wars Journal #3

SecreWarsJournalSecret Wars is in full swing, and there are many tie in books out there for readers to choose from.  Many of the mainstream characters are featured in these books, but some people (like myself) might be wondering about other, less featured characters and where they have ended up in Battleworld.  Well wonder no more, Secret Wars Journal brings us two shorter stories, giving us a glimpse into other regions of this new world.

Who Killed Tony Stark?

This story opens in Old Town, with Detective Logan looking over the body of Tony Stark, lying lifeless and bloodied with a dagger through his chest.  He questions Pepper Potts, the woman who discovered Tony that morning.  Logan recognizes the weapon used against Tony, tied to a Chinese gang knows as The Triad, run by the Mandarin.  Pepper reveals that Tony did discover an artifact that the Mandarin wanted for himself, thus setting Logan off after his first lead.  Logan confronts the Mandarin and quickly realizes that this is not the Mandarin he is familiar with.  Things take a turn for Logan and he almost killed, but a masked man arrives in time to help him out; Frank Castle, Jr. dubbed ‘The Punisher’.  Logan explains the situation and Frank reveals that he himself has encountered a double of his own.  The two of them put their heads together and realize there are people from another part of Battleworld sneaking into theirs and taking their counterparts place.

This was an ok story for me.  The best part for me was the reveal of a new region of Battleworld that we haven’t seen yet, and I hope there is a book coming out to explore this new part. Frank Tieri does a good enough job telling this murder mystery, and the characters felt familiar.  Richard Isanove’s art is pretty good, though a few character depictions looked a little off to me.  Not a terribly memorable story, but as I mentioned, I did enjoy the little reveal in here and hope they explore that further.

Story: Frank Tieri Art: Richard Isanove
Story: 6 Art: 6 Overall: 6

The Smashing Cure

This story takes place near Greenland, a region of Battleworld where a gamma cloud blanketed the city and every resident exposed to the radiation left with severe anger issues.  We follow Dr. Leonard Samson, who specializes in anger management therapy, and how he deals with his clients and the population as a whole in this town of Hulks.  We see through his eyes, just how easily tempers can flare and anger takes over, and his feelings that this condition will lead to the end of civilization.  Leonard then has an appointment with a young Peter Parker, who is dealing with feelings of guilt regarding the death of his uncle Ben.  Leonard talks Peter through his grief and his feelings, explaining to him that life does go on and those we have lost would want us to move on and live.  Peter has a hard time coming to grips Samson’s ideas and has an which Leonard is more then ready to deal with.  He does manage to calm Peter, and explain to him how to come to terms with his guilt and control his anger.

I really enjoyed this story.  More then once I found myself thinking about our world, and how things would turn out if everyone could turn into a Hulk every time they got angry.  Scott Aukerman does a great job of showing this ‘Hulk world’ through Leonard Samson’s eyes; his doubt that civilization can continue giving into their baser feelings, but also the change in his attitude and outlook after his session with Peter.  I loved RB Silva’s art for this story.  Every panel was used to it’s fullest, full of colour and action…and I loved how he depicted our characters in their Hulk state. This was a story that I would love to see explored deeper, and would want Aukerman and Silva to be the two to bring it to life.

Story: Scott Aukerman Art: RB Silva
Story: 8.5 Art: 9 Overall 8.75 Recommendation: Read

Review: Green Lantern #42

4647863-gl_cv42_ds“I’m not a Green Lantern anymore.”

We open up our tale racing across the stars in dashing fashion as the crew of a class 3 light cruiser named Darlene is streaking post-haste through the cosmos. As we adjourn inside captain: Hal Jordan, former Green Lantern turned renegade is transporting some very important cargo on a tight schedule. The cargo’s name is Trapper. He is a bounty hunter who tried to collect the wrong check and now finds himself in the comfort of a plasma barred cell. Hal seeks to show him the error of his ways via the means of taking a trip. The destination: Ketleth Prime, a distant planet. Hal is transporting Trapper as well as a native of that World, Virgo there.

Along the way Hal receives much heckling from both his captive and his spacecraft (and you thought Michael from Knight Rider had a raw deal) but he remains focused on his objective. However Hal receives a big surprise when he arrives at the coordinates where Ketleth Prime should be. When he investigates closer it appears to be that the planet, is now made entirely out of stone. This sends Virgo spiraling into grief. After a few tough moments, Hal not knowing what to do allows Virgo to grieve.

4647869-5+gl_42_5Before any kind of reprieve can be made, Hal’s ship Darlene warns him that a full-fledged armada is right outside his window. Now not being the one to shy away, Hal makes ready for confrontation. What makes the dynamic so interesting is even though he is a pariah in the eyes of the Green Lantern Corps, he’s still not willing turn his back on them. It’s very old school honor and I like it.

Trapper’s buds show up with an enormous fleet and he laughs thinking that Hal is all but done for. A great moment of dialogue is exchanged as Trapper says to Hal “You against my whole crew? Does this heap even have cannons?”  Hal just brazenly replies “No, because I don’t need any.” He then shows why he is the Embassador of Badassery as he fires up his Krona Gauntlet and floats outside the ship to handle the whole armada himself.

4660594-img_0108Hal then shows us why “will is skill” and any weapon is the greatest one in his hands, as he fully unleashes unbridled power on the fleet. On a personal note here, I go back and forth on Billy Tan’s art a lot but it’s the moments like this one that he makes me eat my words and just smile back at the page slack-jawed. I’ve heard people also give a lot of criticism on Hal’s new duds (which I absolutely love btw) and I think it’s unfounded. This is comics and entertainment folks, things will come and go and things will change (remember all the guns and extra pouches and cheesy violent code names in the 90’s?) but as long as the creative teams tackling this, respect and honor the essence of the character it’s perfectly fine. Besides I think Hal’s new costume is great and encompasses the changes to his character. It makes complete sense as he is now an individual and not considered a “Space Cop” anymore. No need for a team uniform. The long coat and costume change give him a much more lone gunman style look which I just think is freaking cool. Bottom line to me, if it walks like Hal Jordan, talks like Hal Jordan, and kicks an incredible amount of ass, then it’s Hal Jordan.

B5QCP06mThe remainder of the issue shows Virgo dealing with his grief, Hal having some trouble asserting dominance over his gauntlet (it’s sentient and strong willed too, giving a great dynamic as open’s the question as to who wields whom?) and the return of a very powerful Green Lantern villain who finds himself in despair as well.

Overall: This was a fun read that took sci-fi and gave Hal a touch of Chuck Norris (Hell I bet even Hal wishes he was Chuck) as he took on the entire fleet himself. After last months issue which started slow it turned it around for me, and I absolutely dug it. I liked the story and the art and they meshed great for some entertaining moments. Seeing Hal cut loose with the Gauntlet had me cheering. This is how you do a GL book, adventure, witty banter, and action..action..action! With the return of a classic lantern villain at the end, I am excited to see where this one goes next. We may be in for some strange alliances. It’s true he may not have the ring anymore, but if this momentum can continue there are sure to be plenty of “Brightest Days” ahead. Till next time guys, I gotta recharge the battery. Over and out!

Story: Robert Vendetti Art: Billy Tan
Story: 8.5 Art: 9 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Preview: Book of Death: Legends of the Geomancer #2 (of 4)


Cover by JUAN JOSÉ RYP (JUN151596)

Watch a legend be born before your eyes as the saga of the Earth’s first Geomancer continues!

New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG) and breakout artist Juan José Ryp (Clone) reveal the hidden story of the Valiant Universe’s beginnings as Earth’s protector enters a world of war, ruin and fire at the far end of pre-history!

INCENTIVE | 24 pgs. | T+ | On Sale AUGUST 19




Preview: Book of Death: The Fall of Ninjak #1


Written by MATT KINDT
Cover A by KANO (JUN151597)
Cover B by CLAY MANN (JUN151598)
Variant Cover by ROBERT GILL (JUN151599)
Variant Cover by DAS PASTORAS (JUN151600)

So let it be written, so let it be done…

In the ruins of his mansion, Colin King hunkers down as the last living member of Unity after the Third Armor Hunt – or so he thinks. A visit from an old friend and a peace offering present the chance for Ninjak to break the cycle of death and escape the horrible fate foretold in the Book of the Geomancer. Will he betray his dead friends or will THE FALL OF NINJAK come to pass and give rise to a very familiar future…

The superstar team that brought you DIVINITY – New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt and blockbuster artist Trevor Hairsine – reunite to reveal an essential new chapter of BOOK OF DEATH, ripped from the future of the Valiant Universe!

$3.99 US | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale AUGUST 26


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