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Preview: Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla #6


Writer(s): John Reilly
Artist Name(s): Tom Rogers, Dexter Weeks
Cover Artist(s): Dexter Weeks
32 pgs./ All Ages / FC $3.99

As Mark Twain matches wits with a book golem, Houdini learns a terrible secret about Amelia Earhart’s progress in the Elsewhere. In Vienna, a starving artist discovers his darker purpose.


Preview: The Adventures of Aero-Girl #4


Writer(s): DeWayne Feenstra
Artist Name(s): Axur Eneas & Juan Pablo Reibeling
Cover Artist(s): Axur Eneas & Juan Pablo Reibeling
32 pgs./ All Ages / FC $3.99

The battle for Foxbay! Can Aero-Girl and Jak-Jak stop Dr. Chimera and his army of Ani-Men from unleashing his gene bomb and mutating the city’s citizens.


Review of Adam.3 #2

A nightmarish plague threatens Adam’s island home and everything he holds dear—including his beloved wife, his troubled son, and the animals he watches over. Lives are lost and captives are taken as an otherworldly invader penetrates Adam’s utopian environment.

Scott Kolins does double duty providing both the art and story for the series. With a slight cliche, Adam.3 #2 opens with an unknown object falling from space. Skip back or ahead depending on your point of view, it shows a brief introduction of Adam’s son. Outside of those two events, it picks up where the last one picks off.  It manages to have a decent momentum throughout the story.

The art work is well done, in a similar manner to the last issue. It has a nice balance of vibrant, action-filled, scenes. Along with scenes that have a slight darkness to the characters and the environment.

Story: Scott Kolins Art:Scott Kolins
Story: 8.75 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9 Recommendation:Buy

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Review: The Shadow Vol. 2 #2

shadow2Did you read the last issue of The Shadow? It was on sale for the grand price of a dollar, and while the comic certainly justified that price, it would have been harder to give the same recommendation if The Shadow Vol. 2 #1 were a full priced comic.

The same cannot be said for the second issue.

The Shadow Vol. 2 #2  is a much stronger comic.  Giovani Timpano‘s art work is, frankly, a step above the last issue, and his layouts during the opening scene where The Shadow is wandering a graveyard are simply wonderful. Cullen Bunn has really found his feet with the second issue, and maybe that’s because he is no longer constrained with trying to recap The Shadow Vol. 2 #0 issue from a year prior to the release of The Shadow Vol. 2 #1, because it certainly feels as if he is more comfortable behind the reigns of The Shadow with this offering.

With The Shadow Vol. 2 #2, Cullen Bunn is exploring the fascination with life after death, and just how desperate some people can be to gather knowledge that may be best left unknown. The story is focused on a cabal of magicians desperate to procure knowledge from the land beyond life, and Cullen Bunn is beginning to weave an ever more interesting tale about the lengths people will go to in order to get a man’s secret. Although he hasn’t made a solid appearance in the series so far, the story is centered around the legendary Harry Houdini, and that when he died he was able to return to the land of the living with a secret, but rumour has it that nobody knows what the secret is. Nobody, that is except The Shadow.

The Shadow knows!

This issue follows the masked vigilante as he continues to track down the cabal of magicians intent on learning the secrets from beyond the grave, and there is a glimpse offered of a deadly assassin that will no doubt come to plague The Shadow in the issues to come. This issue is decidedly less action heavy than the first, but is stronger because of it. The creative team have more space to tell the story with The Shadow Vol. 2 #2 without the need to fill readers in on the previous happenings,  and the second issue (yes, technically it’s the third) in the series shines because of the space afforded to them.

The last issue, I recommended you buy it if you were half interested in the synopsis and the character; for a dollar, you really couldn’t go wrong. This issue, however, is a great comic book in it’s own right. It’s not quite a standalone issue in that reading The Shadow Vol. 2 #1 may be advantageous to your enjoyment, but it’s certainly not required. Compared to the prior issue, this is head and shoulders above it, and if the series continues on this trajectory then now is the time to hop on board.

Story: Cullen Bunn  Art: Giovanni Timpano
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Dynamite Entertainment provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review.

Fan Expo Interviews: Craig Yeung

Fan Expo Toronto will be taking place this year between September 3rd and 6th, and Graphic Policy had the opportunity to talk with a few of their featured guests before the beginning of the convention.  Craig Yeung joined us to talk about his accomplishments in the medium and who he might like to draw one day.
Graphic Policy:  Who are some of the comic artists of the past that inspired you and your artwork?
yeung003Craig Yeung:  Am I limited to comic artists? haha. I derive a lot of influence from all over from Bouguereau to Bob Peak, Terada to Robert Mcginnis, Mucha to Coby Whitmore. I’m kinda all over the place. In terms of comic art, I guess I was initially influenced by the Image founders, that’s kinda the era that I grew up with. Artists like Jim Lee, Silvestri, Turner, but nowadays I like artists like Alex Raymond who did strips and had to draw without the benefit of color. There’s also a slew of incredible artists  working today that constantly raise the bar.
GP:  Are there any particular series, characters or stories that you have worked on that have been especially memorable?
CY:  Runaways will always be dear to my heart. We had an amazing creative team and management believed in the project from the get go. It was one of those few opportunities where they let a new title grow it’s own following. You don’t see that often  with the big two.
GP:  You have worked on a lot of big name projects, but is there one that no one knows about that you think deserves more praise?
yeung001CY:  There’s a couple projects I’ve done recently that I’m particularly proud of. One is an anthology of short stories “Girls Night Out”, written by Amy Chu (Soon to be writing Poison Ivy League for DC and another project for Aftershock Comics) and colored by Juri Hayasaka-Chinchilla. It’s a slice of life story that revolves around an elderly woman with dementia. It’s a more down to earth story and relies on those quiet moments. Also adapted by Amy and colored by Laura Martin, I just finished a story for the Baltimore Museum of Art. It documents the life of Princess Miao Shan and presented by the Asian Art Gallery in the museum as an interactive comic to supplement the information about some of their artifacts displayed. It’s kinda cool seeing comics used as a teaching tool.
GP:  Among your recent works is the comic version of the Arrow television series.  Is it easier to draw when you have real life people to base your illustrations from?
CY:  For the Arrow series, since I was inking it, the heavy lifting was done by Joe Bennett. I did occassionally refer back to character screen shots, but Joe did an awesome job capturing much of the likeness. I personally find it easier to keep consistency with the work if I have real people to base off of.
GP:  When you draw a certain group of characters on a regular basis, do you find that you start to like certain characters more or to get an affinity for them?
yeung002CY:  I think this is definitely the case, although I think it comes down to how the character is built through the scripts that give you that affinity. For example, some of my favorites is Molly from Runaways and Felicity from Arrow.
GP:  Aside from characters is there a specific genre that you prefer?  Fantasy or sci-fi?  Post apocalyptic or dystopian?
CY:  I like them all, although anything sci-fi tends to be more intense when drawing because of all the tech. I’ve also been a huge sci-fi fan over the years, I think Syd Mead had a big influence on that. However, it’s difficult to find a good sci-fi story these days. I think it’s because we have such amazing special effects today, we expect so much more.
GP:  Are there any characters that you would like to get a chance to draw?  Or maybe one that you have worked on already and would to get more opportunity to draw?
CY:  I think maybe on a main Spiderman title. I’ve worked on a few offshoots before ( Marvel Age Spidermans), but I grew up reading Amazing Spiderman and Peter parker, the spectacular spiderman so I think it’d be cool to work on one of the main flagship titles.

Graphic Policy Radio with guest Bryan Edward Hill this Monday at 10pm ET

GP Radio pic MondayThis Monday is a brand new episode of Graphic Policy Radio and we’re welcoming our first time guest Bryan Edward Hill to the show! The show airs LIVE this Monday at 10pm ET.

Bryan is a writer for both comics and films. He currently writes Postal for Image Comics/Top Cow Productions as well as the upcoming Romulus. He was also recently brought on board as the story editor for Top Cow. You can follow him through Tumblr or Twitter.

We want to hear what questions you have too! Tweet them to us @graphicpolicy and we’ll ask them live on the air.

You can listen in live this Monday at 10pm ET.

Preview: Imperium #8


Cover A by KANO (JUL151688)
Cover B by SCOT EATON (JUL151689)
Variant Cover by CLAYTON HENRY (JUL151690)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale SEPTEMBER 2

You never saw this one coming…”BROKEN ANGELS” reaches its unbelievable climax as DIVINITY takes hold!

Toyo Harada is the most powerful mortal man in the world. To build his imperium, he has collected monsters. Now he comes face to face with a god. Confronted by the unfathomable depths of the man who is no longer a man, who can only be called Divinity, Harada plunges his mind into infinity. Can even the unstoppable Harada survive the fall?


Sell-Outs and New Printing Roundup

Check out some of this week’s announced sell-outs and new printings!

Valiant Entertainment

Valiant has announced that Bloodshot Reborn #4 and #5 have both sold out at the distributor level. The series from writer Jeff Lemire and featuring artwork by Mico Suayan and Raúl Allén will be getting a new printing. Both will be on sale September 30.


Preview: Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen #1

The classic Lara Croft returns!

An all-new Lara Croft miniseries begins with Corinna Bechko at the helm!

It’s up to Lara to stop a group of cultists from causing worldwide cataclysmic devastation, and ancient ivory artifacts hold the key to both salvation and destruction! It’s a race against time in Lara’s new quest, filled with incredible action, dual pistols, and high-spirited adventure.

Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen #1
Corinna Bechko (W), Randy Green (A)
Andy Owens (I), Michael Atiyeh (C)
Jean-Sebastien Rossbach (Cover)
$3.99, 32 pages
On sale October 7; FOC September 14


All-New Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain Debuts in November

Dynamite Entertainment and Paizo, Inc. have announced the upcoming November release of Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #1, the first chapter in a six-issue comic book miniseries. The series will be written by the collaborative team of game developers Erik Mona, F. Wesley Schneider, and James Sutter, and feature artwork by Tom Garcia, recently the illustrator of Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson: Hopcross Jilly. Each issue contains an RPG appendix detailing part of the Hollow Mountain dungeon (with poster map) and a write-up of one of the new characters.

Hollow Mountain draws iconic Pathfinder heroes Valeros, Seoni, Kyra, Merisiel, and more deep into an ancient fortress built by the runelords, the archvillains of the franchise. Carved in the immense visage of Alaznist, Runelord of Wrath, the Hollow Mountain is home to a honyecomb labyrinth of trap-laden chambers and corridors. The team of Pathfinder agents must explore the ruins in search of a magical artifact from the runelords’ day, but they aren’t the only adventurers interested in the mountain’s secrets. Open combat between the rivals will ensue… but Alaznist has not left her former stronghold unprotected, and fearsome guardians will force some rather uncomfortable alliances.

Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain #1 will be shipping in November 2015.


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