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Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here! What’s everyone doing now that the weather is getting nicer?

Around the Tubes

Variety – Oscar-Nominated ‘Dam Keeper’ Filmmakers Set Graphic Novel Deal, Developing Feature – Interesting. Still don’t know anything about the film.

The Outhousers – The People’s Reset: DC’s Very Stupid Day – Bwahahahaha

Fantasy Flight Games – Announcing 2015 Regional Championship Locations – Did you luck out and one’s by you?

Washington Post – D.C. comic books get a nudge at Smudge – If you’re in the DC area, the show is free!


Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – Detective Comics: End Game #1

ICv2 – Exquisite Corpse HC

The Outhousers – Godzilla: Cataclysm

Bleeding Cool – Help Us! Great Warrior #2

CBR – Howard the Duck #1

Kotaku – Howard the Duck #1

The Beat – Lola XOXO #6

CBR – Ninjak #1

The Beat – Rebels #1

CBR – Rebels #1

Bleeding Cool – Sinergy #5

IGN – Star Wars #3

CBR – The Walking Dead #138

Around the Tubes

It was new comic book day yesterday! What did everyone get?

Around the Tubes

The Beat – San Diego Comic-Con parking goes to lottery system – So glad I don’t drive.

The Independent – The All-Islamic super-heroes: Muslim children love ‘The 99′ comics, but hardliners loathe their creator – whose trial for heresy is looming – Ugh.

iO9 – The Secret History Of Marvel’s Movies Before Iron Man: Part 1 – Some good history here.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – Action Comics #40

Comic Vine – The Amazing Spider-Man #16

Comic Vine – Ant-Man #3

Comic Vine – Batman Eternal #49

Comic Vine – Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return #1

Comic Vine – Captain Marvel #13

Comic Vine – Deadpool #43

Comic Vine – Ghosted #18

Comic Vine – Green Lantern Corps #40

CBR – Hellbreak #1

Comic Vine – Howard the Duck #1

CBR – Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Vol. 3 #1

CBR – Ms. Marvel #13

Comic Vine – New Suicide Squad #8

The Beat – Ninjak #1

Comic Vine – Ninjak #1

The Outhousers – Ninjak #1

Comic Vine – Southern Cross #1

The Beat – Southern Cross #1

Comic Vine – Star Wars #3

Comic Vine – Thor #6

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day! What’s got everyone excited for?

Around the Tubes

Nothing But Comics – Why is eBay Removing Listings for Marvel’s Digital Codes? – Very strange. We’re definitely looking into this!

The Beat – Digital imprint Comicker launches with five series – Congrats!

CBLDF – Ecuadorian Cartoonist Bonil Fined by His Government and Threatened by ISIS – Very sad to see.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Bleeding Cool – Hellbreak #1

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic day tomorrow! What are folks looking forward to?

Around the Tubes

The Beat – Ross Richie Wants to Push #ComicsForward (so I’m giving some direction) – My take soon.

Kotaku – Sounds Like Batman: Arkham Knight Will Be Surprisingly Violent – As if Batman isn’t normally violent?


Around the Tubes Reviews

Nothing But Comics –  Ninjak #1

Bleeding Cool – No Mercy #1

CBR – Rocket Raccoon #9

CBR – Saga #26

Around the Tubes

It’s a new week for comics! What’s everyone excited for? Anyone read some good comics over the weekend?

Around the Tubes

Bleeding Cool – Dark Horse’s Resident Alien Comic To Be A TV Series? – Interesting choice.

The Beat – The El Paso Comic Con is dunzo— but more cons are coming – One down, probably more to come.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Flickering Myth – Bullet Gal

CBR – Six-Gun Gorilla: Long Days of Vengeance

Talking Comics – Spider-Woman #5

The Beat – Swamp Thing #40

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here! What’s everyone doing this weekend that’s fun and exciting?

Around the Tubes

Publishers Weekly – ComicsPRO Elects Dolan as New President – Congrats!


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – All-New Hawkeye #1

The Beat – All-New Hawkeye #1

Bleeding Cool – Cluster #2

Bleeding Cool – G.I Joe #6

The Beat – Palmiotti and Brady’s Big Con Job #1

Talking Comics – Princess Leia #1

CBR – Swamp Thing #40


Around the Tubes

It was new comic book day yesterday. What have you enjoyed so far?

Around the Tubes

Tech Times – The Best Comic Books With Female Leads – Not sure why this is tech, but a good list.

CBR – Warner Bros. CEO Says Diversity Refutes Superhero Fatigue – Interesting.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Talking Comics – All-New Hawkeye #1

Comic Vine – All-New Hawkeye #1

Comic Vine – Avengers #42

Comic Vine – Batman Eternal #48

Comic Vine – Big Man Plans #1

Outhousers – Big Man Plans #1

Comic Vine – Descender #1

Vox – Descender #1

Comic Vine – Detective Comics #40

Comic Vine – Green Lantern #40

Comic Vine – Hulk #12

Comic Vine – Imperium #2

CBR – Jem and the Holograms #1

Outhousers – Lady Killer #3

Comic Vine – Nailbiter/Hack/Slash #1

Outhousers – Neverboy #1

Comic Vine – Princess Leia #1

Comic Vine – Return of the Living Deadpool #2

Comic Vine – Spider-Woman #5

BlogCritics – Syllabus

Comic Vine – X-O Manowar #34

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic day! What’s everyone excited for?

Around the Tubes

Hollywood Reporter – Before ‘Catwoman': The Problematic Record of Comic Books’ LGBTQ Representation – A good read.

CNet – Free online course lets you study superheroes with Stan Lee – Very cool! I want to take the course.

Talking Comics – The Gender Politics of Saga – A solid read.

ICv2 – Famous Monsters Launching Comics Line – Come on in, the water’s fine!

Around the Tubes

Tomorrow is new comic book day! What’s everyone looking forward to?

Around the Tubes

Robot 6 – Stan Lee Media asks high court to revive suit against Stan Lee – The lawyers must be making a killing.


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – Batman #39

CBR – The Black Hood #2

The Beat – The Black Hood #2

CBR – Daredevil #13

The Beat – Orphan Black #1

CBR – Thor Annual #1

Around the Tubes

The weekend is over, and that means a new week of comics! What’s everyone excited for this week?

Around the Tubes

The Times of India – Meet Sikh superhero, secret agent Deep Singh – Very cool!

Time – Michelle Rodriguez: ‘Sorry About That’ – Thoughts on her statements about characters and race?

Bleeding Cool – How Diamond Makes A Retailer Want To Weep – Its been 13 years or so since I ran or worked in a shop, and sounds exactly the same as then.

Robot 6 – This Batman-themed hotel room is covered in Bat symbols – Want to stay there!

ICv2 – Comic Retailer Optimism at Record Highs – Awesome to hear!

The Outhousers – DC Reveals Major Character’s Bisexuality, Forgets to Beg for Praise from Mainstream Media (Spoilers) – Nice to see that this isn’t as big of news anymore!

TechCrunch – Forget The Oscars, Last Weekend’s Biggest Snub Was Comic-Con – An interesting read.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Bleeding Cool – Munchkin #2

CBR – Past Aways #1

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