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Around the Tubes

It was a beautiful weekend here at GP HQ here in DC. Hopefully everyone else enjoyed it. News was pretty light Sunday, but check out below for some news you might have missed.

Around the Tubes

Guardian Liberty Voice – ‘The Walking Dead’ Book Series Receives Four New Novels – Have folks read any of these? Thoughts?

Around the Tubes

It’s been a beautiful weekend here in DC, the first in a long time! Hopefully the weather has been great for everyone and you’re out taking advantage.

Around the Tubes

Kotaku – Double Bumblebee Is The Best Thing About Rise Of The Dark Spark – I really want to play this.

Kotaku – PAX South Takes The Show To Texas In 2015 – Add another convention to your schedule.

CBR – Anatomy of a Bad Cover: DC’s New “Teen Titans” #1 – We provided some stats for this article.

The Escapist – Are Too Many Heroes Coming to the Big Screen at Once? – Saturation has to happen at some point.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Robot 6 – Two #1s: ‘Batman Eternal’ and ‘Lumberjanes’

Around the Tubes

The weekend is here! What are all of the geeky things you’re doing to enjoy the weekend?

Around the Tubes

Spinoff Online – Multiple ‘X-Men’ Spinoff Films May Be In The Works – When do we hit comic movie overload?

The Mary Sue – Quicksilver Is a Giant Doofball, Bryan Singer Teases New (Old) Mutants for X-Men: Apocalypse – Unlike the rest of the internet, we’ll wait to see the movie to make a judgement.

Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – Deadpool #27

Talking Comics – Deadpool #27

CBR – Lumberjanes #1

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here! What’s everyone have planned?

Around the Tubes

Michigan Live – Legendary comic artist Art Spiegelman to speak at EMU – Very cool.

The Mary Sue – Best of Hail HYDRA: The New Marvel Meme Sweeping The Internet – Awesome.

Around the Tubes Reviews

Talking Comics – All-New Doop #1

Comic Vine – All-New X-Factor #6

Comic Vine – East of West #11

Comic Vine – Flash Gordon #1

CBR – Invincible #110

Talking Comics – Nightcrawler #1

Around the Tubes

It was new comic day yesterday, what did everyone get and what this week has you excited?

Around the Tubes

Kotaku – The Wolf Among Us Is Finally Getting Really Good – Good to hear. Worth playing?

ICv2 – Three Shadows GN Optioned – Cool.

Wizkids – WizKids Games Announces Restock of Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs X-Men! – I’m tempted to pick up a copy… if I can find it.

ICv2 – Federal Bureau of Physics Movie – Nice!

Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – All-New Ghost Rider #2

Comic Vine – All-New Ultimates #1

Comic Vine – Avengers Undercover #2

Comic Vine – Batman Eternal #1

CBR – Batman Eternal #1

Comic Vine – Captain Marvel #2

Comic Vine – Deadpool #27

Comic Vine – Green Lantern Corps #30

Comic Vine – Injustice: Year Two #7

Comic Vine – Invincible #110

Comic Vine – Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1

Comic Vine – Kick-Ass 3 #7

Comic Vine – Nightcrawler #1

Comic Vine – Samurai Jack #7

Comic Vine – Secret Avengers #2

Comic Vine – The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #11

Comic Vine – Superman/Wonder Woman #7

Comic Vine – Unity #6

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day! What’s everyone getting?

Around the Tubes

The Hollywood Reporter – Spider-Man Spinoff ‘Sinister Six’ Names Director – Still not sure about this.

Around the Tubes Reviews

IGN - Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic day tomorrow! What’s everyone looking forward to?

Around the Tubes

CBLDF – College of Charleston Student Valiantly Attempts to Reason With Lawmakers on Fun Home – Sad this needs to happen.

CBR – OFFICIAL: “Captain America 3″ to Challenge “Man of Steel 2″ on May 6, 2016 – Interesting

Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business

ScienceFiction.com – Magneto #2

Bleeding Cool – Original Sin #0 and #1

Seattle Pi – Over Easy

Comicosity – Pawn Shop

Around the Tubes

It’s a new week! Who saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier this weekend? What did everyone think?

Around the Tubes

Kotaku – Game Of Thrones “LEGO” Is As Awesome As It Is Expensive – Very cool.

CBR – Jim Starlin’s “Dreadstar” Optioned for Film – Interesting.

Around the Tubes Reviews

Seattle Pi – Madison Square Tragedy

Talking Comics – Pretty Deadly #5

Around the Tubes

It’s International Table Top Day! What’s everyone doing to celebrate?

Around the Tubes

CBR – “Batman” Still #1 While Marvel Tops Overall March Sales as Image Surges over 11% Share – Congrats to Image.

Kotaku – How The Batmobile Works In Arkham Knight – Nice.

Kotaku – The Avengers (and other Marvel Heroes) in Their Official Anime Forms – Cool for folks who haven’t seen this.

Kotaku – Captain America Action Figure Is Basically A Shrunken Chris Evans – Amazing figures.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Talking Comics – Deadpool vs. Carnage #1

CBR – Inhuman #1

Talking Comics – Inhuman #1

Talking Comics – Magneto #2

Talking Comics – The Premature Burial

Bleeding Cool – Southern Bastards #1

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here and I’m excited for Table Top Day tomorrow! How many are participating? And… how many are seeing Captain America: The Winter Soldier this weekend? Our review will be up today!

Around the Tubes

The Mary Sue – Batman vs. Superman Gains Three Cast Members in One Go – Interesting…

Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business

CBR – Aquaman and the Others #1

Comic Vine – Green Arrow #30

Comic VIne – Moon Knight #2

Comic Vine – Pretty Deadly #5

Comic Vine – Punisher #4

Comic Vine – Starlight #2

CBR – Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #200


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